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Connect with Riverview School District

Following the recent challenges with inclement snow and weather conditions, as well as treacherous roads and the use of limited bus transportation routes impacting our district for several days, it is a good reminder to share that Riverview School District uses a variety of communications platforms to convey the delays, closures, and schedule alterations we report to families.

The following is a list of the various ways you can become connected to the places Riverview School District communicates and how to stay informed on the latest news and happenings across the district.


SchoolMessenger text alerts are available to parents/guardians and staff in Riverview School District. To receive these alerts, you must have a mobile/cell phone number in our Student and Staff Information System - Skyward. Text alerts are not available to people outside of our district and not currently available to students.

Skyward and SchoolMessenger sync their databases daily. In that process, when any new phone numbers are identified, SchoolMessenger generates an opt-in text message to send to those new numbers. If you receive a text inviting you to receive SchoolMessenger text alerts, you must opt-in. To do so, simply text “Y” or “Yes” to 67587. You will receive a message indicating that you are now able to receive SchoolMessenger text alerts from Riverview School District.

Without opting in, you will not receive text alerts. You must opt-in to receive them.


The Riverview School District offers several ways to receive email updates.

Each school provides opportunities to subscribe to receive email notifications. Our recently redesigned school websites offer a “Subscribe” button next to the news feed on the home page. Clicking that button allows you to subscribe and receive an email notification when a new article is posted to the school’s website. Subscriptions are also available for signing up to each school’s Constant Contact email distribution list.

On the Riverview School District website, you can click “Subscribe” under the District News feed to receive new article notification or be given the chance to subscribe to the district’s Constant Contact email distribution list.

Email notifications are available to anyone who chooses to subscribe to them.


For those active on social media, Riverview School District communicates through three official platforms.

  • Like or follow the school district on Facebook (

  • Follow the district on Instagram (@riverview407)

  • Follow the district on Twitter (@Riverview407)

These updates are available to anyone who chooses to like or follow these accounts.


In terms of reporting school delays and closures to the local news media, the district uses Flash Alert, which transmits our messages directly to Seattle-area television and news stations. Flash Alert notifications are also available to come directly to you. To sign up for these notifications via email, text message, or both, visit:


The Riverview School District website ( is also a place to find the latest updates and information regarding happenings in the district. Through our sharing of articles, or use of pop-up “lightboxes,” we attempt to provide you with the most current and up-to-date information regarding any delays, closures, or emergencies.

If you have any questions, or need assistance with connecting to any of the communication platforms shared above, please contact the Communications Office via email at and we will be more than happy to help.


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