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FACILITY USE INFORMATION (Updated January 30, 2023)

School buildings are built with taxpayer dollars. Riverview School District believes those buildings belong to the community and should be available for community use when it does not conflict with the district’s mission of educating children. 

Riverview offers school facility rental for outside groups and non-profit organizations. Fees are charged for the use of facilities so that district funds intended for the education of children are not used to support other activities.

All applicants must complete the following forms provided below:

  • Complete a "Facility Use Application"; and

  • The "Facility Use Rental Form", specific to Elementary, Middle School, High School, or Educational Service Center.

District administration may limit facility use based on available staffing and space availability. The Riverview School District reserves the right to cancel use of facilities, should conditions change.


Applications and supporting documents for Facility Use are required to be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the rental to allow adequate time for us to arrange space and staffing.

Use of District Facilities - Policy 4040

The Riverview School District is a tobacco, alcohol, drug, and weapons free district. Use and/or possession of any of of these is prohibited in all areas of the District (inside or outside).

Riverview School District prohibits discrimination against any person on the basis of sex in the operation, conduct, or administration of community athletics programs for youth or adults that use our facilities. Any applicants for facility use will be required to procure, at their own expense, a Comprehensive General Liability insurance policy, naming the District as an additional insured. This policy shall be primary and written with limits of $500,000 Combined Single Limits, per occurrence. A certificate of insurance must be submitted with the application. The District will keep certificates on file for future applications.

Per the Lystedt Law, passed in 2009, all coaches, parents, and players of non-profit youth athletic associations shall have training on the nature and risk of concussion and head injuries, including the continuation of play after a concussion or head injury. Applicants will be required to sign a statement of compliance prior to receiving access to school facilities.


Please print and fill out the Facility Use Application along with one of the 4 options below:

Facility Use Rates (P4040-1)

The Cedarcrest High School Track and Field Facility Use Application ($25.00 processing fee)

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