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Human Resources

Department Overview

The Human Resources Department is committed to operating in a manner that provides for supportive, respectful, and caring relationships with employees, students, and the community. The Department maintains the highest ethical standards in providing a system that ensures equal opportunities for employment and excellence in staff recruitment, selection, retention, and recognition. We are proud to support our district with the vision of high quality instruction and learning to "educate children."

Human Resources comprises all aspects of district employment. Our department coordinates and oversees recruitment, selection, staff assignments, contract negotiations, and contract implementation. We offer excellent career opportunities for those desiring to help successfully prepare all students for their future. Whether a classroom teacher, office professional, or custodian, each employee contributes to student achievement.

Thank you for your interest in career opportunities with Riverview School District. Please click on the appropriate link below to locate the additional information you are looking for or to start an application process.

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