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Your Levy Dollars At Work in Riverview

Your Levy Dollars at Work 1.png

We thank our Riverview community for their decades of supporting our Educational Programs & Operations, Technology, and Transportation levies. The Riverview School District would simply not be the district we are today without the gracious and generous support from our community.

Our community has been incredibly supportive of school levies in Riverview over time. The Educational Programs & Operations Levy has passed continually since 1992, while the Technology & Capital Projects Levy has passed continually since 2004. Transportation levies, when needed, have also received great support from voters in our Riverview community.

In Riverview, levy dollars make up approximately 18% of our annual operating budget. When you support a school levy, funding we receive as a portion of a homeowner's property taxes, revenue is generated to support programs and services the state does not fund, or fully fund, as part of a student's basic education.

Levies are crucial in maintaining the services, educational opportunities, technology, and staffing required for our students to achieve success. Every four years, the Riverview School District, and districts across the state, ask voters to renew levies to continue to provide educational experiences that our students, staff, and families expect and deserve. 

​Most levy funds received are used to add and support staffing needs across most programs in our district. For example, in terms of staffing, levy dollars pay for Student Safety Officers (SSOs), several members of our district nursing team, custodians, Educational Assistants (EAs), some teachers, specialists (Music, Art, Physical Education), counselors, coaches, advisors, support staff, and our entire Technology team (outside of the Director of Information Technology position).

Levy dollars touch a multitude of programs including special education services, safety and security needs,  Summer School opportunities, Highly Capable programs, and basic education needs including smaller class sizes and more.​

Through your support of levies, Riverview students are able to benefit from a variety of experiences, activities, and unique events that make Riverview such a special place for learning. 

Examples include:

  • Multicultural events and gatherings, bringing our school communities together.

  • Support for clubs and activities, allowing advisors to mentor, teach, and coach students in areas and subjects like FFA, Thespian Society, National Honors and National Junior Honors Society, SOAR (Students Organized Against Racism), Technology Student Association, DECA, Future Business Leaders of America, and a variety of opportunities for students to connect and learn beyond the classroom.

  • College visits and on-the-job vocational visits for high school students and our students of color, helping identify, learn about and recognize post-secondary opportunities which exist close to home.

  • Continuing partnerships with consultants and experts in education, who work with students, teachers, staff, and administrators on ways to evolve and improve education practices to better serve all of our student learners.

  • Staffing for our Information Technology team; and specifically, our team of support specialists who provide continual support for families, students and staff throughout the calendar year.

  • Technology innovations, including devices for every K-12 student in Riverview, cutting-edge technology for teachers and support staff in every classroom, integration with Microsoft Office 365 and tools like ParentSquare, which streamline all district communication and alerts from our schools and district into one dedicated tool, with messaging available in English and Spanish.

  • School counselors who work hard to meet the varying needs of all of our students.

  • Opportunities for our Teaching and Learning team to invest in Professional Learning for our Riverview staff and administrators, with support from our district-wide Professional Learning Leaders during monthly Administrative Team meetings and trainings.

  • Support for afterschool events, like astronomy nights at Tolt Middle School, arts and crafts nights at all of our schools, and community events highlighting student achievement in academics, the arts, and athletics.

  • Specialists who teach classes in art, music, and physical education to all our Riverview students.

  • A comprehensive nursing team who meet the multi-faceted needs of our students each and every day.

  • Custodians who work hard keeping our campuses clean and safe, creating spaces for our students to learn at their very best.

  • Student Safety Officers who focus on making sure our elementary and middle school students and campuses remain safe. 

  • Livestream broadcast capabilities of bi-weekly school board meetings, band concerts and school events.

  • Head coaches and assistant coaches for an array of sports opportunities at our comprehensive middle school and high school.

  • Unique in-school experiential learning opportunities such as the Carnation Elementary Salmon Cam.

  • A fleet of modern buses and the staffing in our Transportation center to meet the needs of families and students.

  • An ongoing partnership with WANIC, the Washington Network for Innovative Careers, offering tuition-free high school and college credits for qualifying secondary students.

  • School visits from authors, musicians, and a variety of guest speakers who lead workshops with students in-person or virtually, and personalize learning by sharing tangible stories and experiences.

  • Partnerships to amplify learning with King County Library System, the Puget Sound Educational Service District (PSESD), our cities, first responders, and community organizations and business leaders.

  • And so much more!

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