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Welcome to Riverview Learning Center!


The Riverview Learning Center (RLC) consists of approximately 14,000 sq. feet of classrooms, science labs, computer labs, kitchen, parent library, conference rooms, multi-purpose room, offices, restrooms, and parking. Approximately 200 students attend the school's alternative programs, PARADE, CLIP, CLEAR, and CHOICE.

Located one block east of Carnation Elementary, the RLC provides a superior teaching and learning environment for the district's alternative learning experience programs.

PARADE Program (Parents And Riverview Actively Delivering Education)

The K-12 PARADE Program was created to support families who want to home-educate their children, in collaboration with the school district. With this program, parents are the primary educators, teaching their child for a minimum of 20 hours 1st through 3rd grade, and 25 hours 4th through 12th grade per week, which includes at least 5 hours per week at the Riverview Learning Center.

Challenging academic class offerings are balanced with enrichment courses such as art, drama, computers, textiles, robotics, and many others. As students move from the primary years through high school, the focus of the program gradually shifts and becomes more certificated-teacher directed. This allows high school students to earn credits and graduate with a Riverview School District diploma.

An emphasis of the PARADE Program is to develop passionate life-long learners, caring, respectful citizens, and strong networking support for families who desire this. Activities are hands-on, discussion generating, and engaging. Field trips relating to the class themes occur at least three times a year.

CLIP Program (Contracted Learning for Individual Pacing)

The mission of CLIP is to provide an educational opportunity for students in grades 9-12 who are seeking an alternative way to earn a high school diploma. CLIP has been highly successful in graduating students throughout its existence.

Each student has a class schedule directly related to their student learning plan (graduation plan). This plan is developed by the CLIP certificated staff with student and parent input if so desired. Full-time CLIP students generally attend classes 8-12 hours each week. Parents provide 15-20 hours of monitoring assignment completion at home. Students are assessed each week in every class.

As a program that is aligned with the state learning standards and graduation requirements, all CLIP students must meet Riverview School District Graduation Requirements and pass the state required assessments for the student’s graduation year to qualify for graduation.

Should transportation be a need for our CLIP students, we will work to explore and support available transportation options to and from the Riverview Learning Center campus. 

CLEAR Program (Cyber Learning Education Alternative at Riverview)


CLEAR is an option available to 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade students searching for an alternative to the regular high school program and have the motivation and work ethic to complete courses using an online provider. CLEAR classes are online, so students can work offsite, setting their own daily schedule and following the expectations as developed through their individual learning plan.

Students in this program are required to attend onsite weekly lab time for conferences, work-time collaboration, and assistance as needed. Taking courses online provides an opportunity for student who has work, attends other training programs, or those who need to address other unique situation during the day.

The program is aligned with the state learning standards and graduation requirements.

Students in the CLEAR program must meet Riverview School District Graduation Requirements and pass the state required assessments for the student’s graduation year to qualify for graduation.

CLEAR provides an opportunity for highly motivation and self-directed students to attain high school success through a cyber (or online) learning environment.

Students who enroll in the CLEAR program are required to provide their own transportation to and from the Riverview Learning Center campus. District transportation is not provided.

For more information contact the CLEAR Lead Teacher, Michael Seymour at 425-844-4980

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