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Mission: Educate middle school students.

VisionTolt Middle School strives to create an inclusive community of critical and creative thinkers who practice resiliency, show empathy, and take initiative for learning.

Tolt Middle School looks for the talents within all learners while setting high expectations and academic standards. Presently, TMS serves approximately 675 students in grades six through eight. Our goals include working with both the family and the community to develop responsible citizens who can succeed in the 21st century. We're a school that believes all students can learn and we challenge students to think independently.

Students and teachers at Tolt are organized in teams and grade-level groups, so we are able to create an environment that gives a sense of community within the context of the larger school. Teaming provides a venue for integrating topics of instruction as well as getting to know students and families.

A variety of avenues for hands-on instruction, including using technology as tools and project-based learning, matches with the middle school students' academic success, responsible citizenship, and commitment to life-long learning. We believe the community and families are keys to helping us reach our mission and encourage all of our patrons to join us in educating our students. We strive to meet the needs of all learners.

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