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Updates from Riverview's Transportation Team - August 31, 2021

The Riverview School District Transportation team has the following information to share with Riverview students and families prior to the beginning of the school year.


Bus routes and bus information is available on the new Riverview School District website for the start of the 2021-2022 school year.

Information on bus assignments and routes listed in Skyward is not accurate. To receive the most current information, please visit the Transportation page on the district website (linked above) or contact the Transportation Office, during normal business hours, at (425) 844-4540.

Please note that our Transportation team receives a high volume of calls at the beginning of each school year and our office staff, including the Transportation Supervisor, may be unavailable as they are driving bus routes. Messages may be left and will be returned at the earliest opportunity.


With major construction efforts impacting some routes, as well as students riding buses for the first time, or riding them all over again, there may be small delays in the drop-off and pick-up of students during the first few days of school.


For approximately the first month of the school year, the general distribution of bus passes will be suspended. This is necessary because of an increase in student enrollment and increased numbers of riders on our student buses. Many of our buses will be near or at capacity during the first few days of school. The temporary elimination of bus passes will allow Transportation team members to better determine which routes will be consistently near or at capacity, while also providing a ride to all students in need of transportation. An update on bus passes will be forthcoming.


Sabrina Warren

Transportation Supervisor

Riverview School District


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