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NEW! Safe Walking Routes (2022-2023 School Year)

Limited Bus Transportation Routes - 2021-2022 School Year

Last updated: October 22, 2021

Dear Riverview Families:

Linked below are this year's Limited Bus Transportation Routes for school delays and inclement weather conditions. A few notes to consider with this year's Limited Bus Transportation Routes this year:

  • Please arrive at the bus stop at least 5 minutes earlier than the time listed on the Limited Bus Transportation Route information below.

  • Riverview will communicate information regarding whether school will start on time or be delayed. If the start time is delayed, you will want to adjust the printed times according to the delay.

  • If you do not see your stop listed, you are assigned to the nearest stop (call Transportation if you have any questions).

  • All stops on Mountain View Rd NE (Duvall) – Bus stop is located at the first hairpin NE 178th PL and Mountain View Rd NE.

  • All stops from the Mountain View Rd NE and 318th Ave NE to Lake Margaret (Duvall) - Bus stop is located at the first hairpin NE 178th PL and  Mountain View Rd NE.

  • All stops on Swan Mill Rd/NE Stossel Creek Way to 348th Ave NE to the school bus turn around at the trash cans (Duvall) – Bus Stop is located at the Tolt Pipeline Trail and Kelly Rd NE.  

  • All stops located on 276th Way (Duvall) – Bus stop is located at 275th Ave NE and NE 140th Pl.

  • Stillwater Elementary Bus 46 - Pink Bus (Carnation) – Parent transport, except Kelly Rd NE stops.

  • All stops around Lake Joy - Bus stop at the Lake Joy “Y” - NE West Lake Joy Dr NE and East Lake Joy Dr NE.

  • All stops located on Tolt River Rd NE past 336th Ave NE (Rivers Edge Carnation)- Bus stop is located at Tolt River Rd NE and 336th Ave NE.

  • All stops located on 344th Ave NE and NE 16th (Carnation) – Bus stop is located on NE 24th Street and 344th Ave NE.

All students who have adjusted limited transportation bus stops must have a parent/guardian available to five them a ride home from these stops. If no parent/guardian is at the stop, our drivers will take the student/s on the next route and the dispatcher will contact parents/guardians for further arrangements. 

Parents can make prior arrangements but must contact Transportation ahead of time.​

If you have any questions regarding Limited Transportation please call Transportation at 425-844-4540.

Boundary Map

Contact Transportation

The safety record of buses and drivers is outstanding in the Riverview School District. The school bus drivers undergo an extensive training program prior to getting behind the wheel of a school bus and refresher training every year. This training helps to ensure that riding a school bus is the safest way to get to school. Riverview has 37 buses and covers 500,000 miles a year in their 3-tier transportation routes: high school, middle school, and elementary schools.

Bus Rules

Riverview Transportation Department is responsible for the safe transportation of students every day. It is a responsibility that requires the cooperation of the students in observing the safety rules enforced by the district. Students riding on the bus are expected to conform to behavior rules corresponding to classroom conduct regulations. Students are to:

  • Sit properly in their seats

  • Refrain from throwing objects

  • Keep hand to self

  • Be courteous to others

  • Obey the bus driver at all times

  • Promote bus cleanliness

  • Refrain from vandalism


The driver is in full charge of the bus and the students. The driver will report any problems to the Bus Discipline Officer for students who violate the rules on the bus. Each principal has the authority to dictate appropriate consequences or discipline for student misconduct, including loss of bus riding privileges. For the safety of all rides, the Board of Directors has authorized the installation of video cameras on district buses.

Students must only use their designated bus stop. A student must have written permission from their parent or guardian, subject to the principal's approval in writing, for any change in their assigned bus or bus stop.

The safety record of buses and drivers is outstanding in the Riverview School District. All buses are equipped with two-way radios, crossing arms, fire extinguishers, chains and/or sanders, and first-aid kits. Safety is the foremost concern of the bus drivers. Prior to leaving the bus garage, each driver performs a pre-trip safety check of the bus using district-established procedures that comply with the State Department of Transportation requirements.

Emergency Transportation Information

Hazardous weather or unexpected emergencies may create changes in bus transportation times and pickup-drop points for school children. Schools will be open unless a Riverview School District "School Closure" announcement is made by radio and television stations.

School Bus Operations may have to be altered or canceled. Example messages are:

  • "SCHOOLS CLOSED" - all schools will be closed for one day only.


  • All meetings, field trips and after school activities will also be cancelled. No out-of-district transportation will be provided.

  • "SCHOOLS ONE (OR TWO) HOURS LATE, EMERGENCY BUS ROUTES" - schools will be either one or two hours late.​​

  • Students will be dismissed at regular time unless announced otherwise.

  • Parents should reference media outlets identified above for further announcements.

  • Buses will operate on emergency bus routes, if announced.

  • "NO OUT OF DISTRICT TRANSPORTATION" - schools are operating, but no school district transportation vehicles (buses, vans, cars) will operate outside of school boundaries. This will include special education, field trips, after school activities, sports events, concerts, performances, etc.

  • "LIMITED BUS TRANSPORTATION" - buses will not travel certain routes in our communities because of safety.




If you have any questions during regular business hours, please contact the Riverview School District's Transportation Department Office at (425) 844-4540.

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