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Riverview School District Earns Eight 2023 WSPRA Awards for School District Communications

On April 27, 2023, Riverview School District earned eight overall awards, as part of the Washington School Public Relations Association (WSPRA) Annual Conference.

With four Awards of Merit and four Honorable Mentions this year, the recognition from WSPRA recognizes a culture of collaboration that exists within Riverview’s school communications work.

“Earning awards from WSPRA this year is extra special because much of the work recognized was collaborative in nature,” said Mike Ward, Riverview’s Director of Communications. “We successfully led a comprehensive school rebranding initiative, brought attention to an often-overlooked program in P.A.I.V.E., and amplified student voice across multiple platforms. I am proud of our work and sincerely appreciate that the collaborative spirit of our communications program has been recognized.

This year, Riverview earned Awards of Merit for the following projects:

This award was shared with SpellBrand design leader Mash Bonigala, Tolt administrators Amie Karkainen and Karen Maguigad, and project facilitator Bianca Simoneaux

This award was shared with Riverview Superintendent, Dr. Susan Leach, and designer Philip Brautigam

This award was shared with P.A.I.V.E. Program leader Jolene Barrett

Honorable Mention Awards were presented for the following projects:

This award was shared with designer Philip Brautigam

This award was shared with YESS Program Coordinator Dana Koukol

The WSPRA Communication Awards recognize creative and effective work in school district communications from across the state. Entries are encouraged from all public and private schools or districts, including special schools such as vocational-technical institutes, regional or county education service districts, education agencies, and private enterprises serving as partners with those organizations.

Since 2020, Riverview has earned 34 WSPRA Awards, including four “Best in Category” honors for school districts with less than 10,000 students, as well as national awards recognition from the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA).


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