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Updates to the Riverview Community - March 17, 2022

Dear Riverview Community,

The purpose of this communication is to provide you with some quick updates on our Superintendent Search, a community event organized by our friends with Empower Youth Network, and a recent interview conducted with our Student School Board Representatives and featured at our recent session of the Riverview School District Ambassadors Program.


Application Screening Completed

Through advertising, outreach and recruiting efforts, the district’s search consultants (HYA) contacted or reached out to 63 prospective candidates about the RSD superintendent vacancy.

  • Among the 63 prospects, there were 53 from Washington State, and 10 from other states

  • In addition, there were 8 current or former superintendents, 2 deputy superintendents; 14 Associate or Assistant Superintendents; 18 Executive Directors or Directors; 11 school leaders; 6 nontraditional candidates; and 4 candidates without a current or former role specified.

  • 21 candidates completed and submitted applications for the position.

  • 6 candidates were selected for first round interviews with the Board.

Candidate Interviews

  • First Round Interviews: The Riverview School Board will interview six candidates selected for the first round of interviews on March 23-24, 2022, in Executive Session.

  • Selection of Finalists: On March 25, 2022, the Board will announce the names of candidate(s) who will advance to the finalist interview phase. The time for this Board meeting will be posted soon to the district website.

  • Finalist Interviews - Open Process: On March 15, 2022, the School Board took formal action at a special meeting to establish an open process for the finalist phase of the search process. The names of selected finalists will be made public on March 25, 2022 and posted to the district’s website. This also provides opportunities for stakeholders to participate as follows:

Each finalist will be meeting with staff as well district and school leaders when they visit the district the week of March 28. In addition, a panel of high school students will interview each candidate during a Virtual Town Hall Community Event. The community will be invited to observe, via livestream, a Question and Answer session between each finalist and those selected students. Following the Town Hall, the School Board will conduct a final interview with each candidate in Executive Session.

Specific dates for finalist interviews will be determined and posted to the district website following the first round of interviews.

  • Participant Input: For staff, students and other stakeholders who participate in finalist activities, the district will provide an online link, where people can share their input regarding each finalist candidate. This simple tool will ask participants to list the strengths of each candidate and any questions or concerns they would like to share with the School Board.

Selection of the Next Superintendent

The School Board will discuss the qualifications of each finalist candidate, review stakeholder input and interview information gathered during finalist visits and review any final reference and/or background check information prior to announcing the next superintendent.

Once finalist interview dates are confirmed, a special School Board meeting will be scheduled for the announcement of the next superintendent. These specific dates and times will be posted to the district’s website soon after finalist candidates are named.



This event synopsis is provided courtesy of Empower Youth Network.

Empower Youth Network recognizes that this has been a tough couple of years, and our goal is to support you in being able to come together to celebrate our resilience.

Empower Youth Network is excited to announce that the 2nd annual Resilience Rising conference, on March 25, will be offered for FREE! You can earn up to 5 Washington State CEUs and most sessions will be recorded and available to those who are registered for up to three months.

Resilience Rising will be a day of honoring our personal resilience and also a time to learn new ways to support those around us in building resilience. We are purposefully exploring resilience and race, resilience and culture, resilience and identity, and so much more!

You can find out more and register at:



As part of our recent Ambassadors Program on school district leadership and communications, our Director of Communications, Mike Ward, shared a recent interview with Crosby Ostercamp and Tejasvini Vijay, our student School Board representatives.

Click the link below or the image above to watch the video!

The conversation focuses on their thoughts involving serving as student representatives, things they have learned in serving on the School Board, and the growth, challenges, and opportunities which continue to exist for them, as they experience this unique learning experience.


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