Updates from Riverview School District and a Message from Our Superintendent

September 1, 2021


Welcome back! We had a great first day of school. Our Central Office Team was able to visit schools, classrooms, and programs at every school and everything went smoothly, with tremendous excitement to resume full day school, onsite. It was so nice to visit with our students, staff, teachers, as well as a number of parents during the Kindergarten Soft Start Transition Program. Thanks to so many for making this such a successful start, including our PTSAs, parent volunteers, businesses and community organizations.

I am looking forward to resuming so many of the activities, athletics, and events we have enjoyed over the years, such as middle school sports, career and technical education events, community service activities, and the visual and performing arts. We will continue to follow state and county guidance and implement health and safety protocols through our school safety and health plans.

We have 1.7% of our students participating in our new K-8 Edgenuity Virtual Program through Puget Sound Educational Service District, to keep as many students as possible engaged and enrolled as Riverview students. We are currently setting up additional support systems for the K-8 virtual program and are looking forward to celebrating the first day of school for that program and most of our Riverview Learning Center programs on Tuesday, September 7. I am looking forward to interacting with everyone more than ever this year!

Sincerely and appreciatively,

Dr. Anthony L. Smith




This year, Engage – Riverview 407 will serve a bit of a different role for students and families. The site will be the home of our COVID-19 Data Dashboard, showing our community the number of COVID-19 positive cases within the Riverview School District, as well both the King County and Local Health Reporting Area numbers. Numbers for the Riverview School District will generally be updated each Monday.

Numbers for both King County and Local Health Reporting Area will be updated, once their numbers are made public.

To view the COVID-19 Data Dashboard, click the link below: https://www.engage.rsd407.org/dashboard

Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Stay Engaged email or Stay Engaged hotline at 425.844.4544.



Prior to the beginning of the school year, Safety and Health Plans (SHPs) were reviewed and updated for the 2021-2022 school year at all school locations. School SHP teams meet monthly, or more frequently should situations require. As guidance can change, SHPs may be updated throughout the school year and are available for public viewing through individual request sent to a respective school.