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Tolt Middle School Chalk Mural Brightens Up the Campus!

Updated: May 10

Photos courtesy of Jill Klune, Kim Lantz, and Kaeleigh Wilson. Click any picture to expand to larger view.

Tolt Middle School's English Language Development (ELD) classes have been exploring the essential question of whether graffiti is street art or vandalism. Throughout the unit, they have read and discussed informational text, interviewed two street artists, watched videos and viewed images of various street art, and engaged in a hands-on project in which they created their own public street art in the form of a chalk mural at Tolt Middle School.

On May 4, 2023, each student received a 2' x 2' square to create an image that reflects their cultural or personal identity. Local street artist Joe Lee Davidson guided the students as they co-created a quilt mural depicting their cultural/personal identity.

The work is amazing, truly vibrant and exciting, and is on display outside the main doors to the L Building on the TMS campus. Thanks to ELD teacher, Jill Klune, and additional photos from Kim Lantz and Kaeleigh Wilson, we have an opportunity to share images from the creation of the mural and the wonderful day shared together.

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