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Tolt Middle School Announces New Mascot!

On the morning of November 23, 2021, Tolt Middle School made a historic announcement to students and staff during the daily morning announcements.

Following the passage of HB 1356, Tolt Middle School formed a Tolt Mascot Committee, consisting of students, staff, and parents, who worked together to decide on options for a new animal mascot.

The final two selections, Bears and Coyotes, were provided to Tolt students to vote on this past Friday.

Riverview School District joins Tolt Middle School in sharing the exciting news that students have selected Tolt Bears as their new official mascot!

Ms. Karkainen's email message to Tolt students, staff, and parents is provided below:


Dear Tolt Families,

Earlier this fall, it was announced that based on the passage of House Bill 1356, Tolt Middle School was required to change the “Thunderbird” name, logo, and image.

Our school put together a Tolt Mascot Committee that included students, staff, and parents to lead the process to determine a new animal mascot. Students and staff had the opportunity to make mascot suggestions to this committee. Last Wednesday, it was announced that the Tolt Mascot Committee selected two animals they believed would both be excellent mascots for our school - the Bears and the Coyotes.

Last Friday, students voted for either the Bears or the Coyotes. Yesterday, the vote was verified to ensure its accuracy. During this morning’s announcements, I shared that the mascot that received the most votes, and therefore our new mascot is…the Tolt Bears!

Bears are an excellent representation of our school community, both in the classroom and in sports competitions. Bears exude power and strength, are fierce, brave, resilient, intelligent, protective of their cubs, and live in our valley. Our next step is to create a new school logo with a bear image. Once this logo is created, we will start to turn our campus into Bear Country!

Thank you to all involved in the process to select the Bears as our new mascot. Go Tolt Bears!

Amie Karkainen, Principal


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