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Sharing Sunday - May 8, 2022

Beginning in January 2019, the Riverview School District launched #SharingSunday, a social media campaign through Facebook, which brought approximately 10 updates, stories, or news and information to our Riverview Community every Sunday afternoon.

We are now bringing the weekly #SharingSunday to the district website each Monday, the morning after, so those not connected to our Facebook page can share in the great updates we share there each and every week.

NOTE: Click the item below to see the full post and update. The links below will take you away from the Riverview School District website and link you directly to the Riverview School District's Facebook page and/or other websites.

Story No. 1

Note: Cherry Valley hosts their event on May 20 from 3:30 - 5:00 p.m.

Story No. 2

Story No. 3

Story No. 4

Story No. 5

Story No. 6

Story No. 7

Story No. 8

Story No. 10


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