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Senior Awards Night 2023 Honors Cedarcrest Students and Achievements

Above are a small sampling of photos from the 2023 Cedarcrest High School Senior Awards Night ceremony. To see a complete photo album of images and of in-person recipients, please click here!

On Thursday, June 8, 2023, Cedarcrest High School held its annual Senior Awards Night ceremony at the Riverview School District ESC Assembly Hall in Duvall. This year, more than 250 students, staff, and family members attended the event, celebrating a wide array of achievements from the Cedarcrest Red Wolves’ Class of 2023.

Hosted by Cedarcrest Social Studies teacher Dan Armstrong, the event was an efficient and quick-moving affair, honoring student achievement and recognizing accomplishments in academics, athletics, student leadership, and community service.

In addition, the evening began with the annual presentation of scholarship awards. By the end of the evening, 60 financial scholarships were awarded in the program’s opening portion, with the scholarship process managed by Snoqualmie Valley Dollars for Scholars.

In its eighth year, the Ann Hart Foundation Scholarship for Women Pursuing Careers in Natural Sciences recognizes students who seek to follow a career in science and/or science-related education. The foundation’s $10,000 scholarship was awarded to Elisa Piira.

Two new scholarships were presented by Cedarcrest High School Mathematics teacher Kristin Jongejan, recognizing mathematics and multi-cultural educational interests. Viona Chamasemani (Multi-Cultural) and Sören Spencer (Mathematics) were recognized. Jongejan’s parents were also in attendance to join in honoring the scholarship recipients.

Snoqualmie Valley Dollars for Scholars awarded scholarships to eight seniors this year, including a joint scholarship with Eagle Rock Multi-Age. The recipient names are shared below.

In addition to Scholarship Awards, students were also presented with Honor, Merit, and Leadership Awards, as well as individual departmental awards, recognizing students who were exemplary in those chosen areas of study.

At the local level, community sponsors graciously donated $50,735 through their scholarship programs.

A summary of the Senior Awards Night follows and congratulations to all our graduates in the Class of 2023!


Alex Enciso Navarro Memorial, Amy Burhen Nurse’s Memorial, Ann Hart Foundation, Carnation Chamber of Commerce, Carnation Elementary PTSA, Cedarcrest Band Boosters, Cedarcrest High School PTSA, Cherry Valley Elementary PTSA, Christi Irwin & Associates, David L. Ryles Memorial, Duvall Chamber of Commerce, Duvall Civic Club, Duvall Foundation for the Arts, Eagle Rock Multi-Age PTSA, Jennifer Martin Memorial, Jongejan Family, Kyle Warren Heyting Memorial, Redemption Church, Riverview Education Association, Riverview Education Foundation, Riverview PTSA Council, Riverview School Board of Directors, Rotary Foundation of Duvall, Snoqualmie Valley Dollars for Scholars, Stillwater Elementary PTSA, Tolt Middle School PTSA


  • Alyssa Adams (Duvall Civic Club – Horticulture)

  • Braden Altmyer (Alex Enciso Navarro Memorial; Stillwater PTSA)

  • Vanessa Alvarez Cisneros (Jennifer Martin Memorial Female Science)

  • Maya Bhavsar (Carnation PTSA)

  • Shruti Bona (Snoqualmie Valley Dollars for Scholars)

  • Emma Bost (Carnation Chamber of Commerce)

  • Autumn Bryant (Tolt PTSA)

  • Leah Cammarano (Redemption Church STEM)

  • Melanie Cammarano (Snoqualmie Valley Dollars for Scholars)

  • Bradley Campbell (Kyle Warren Heyting Memorial)

  • Rylee Candland (Duvall Foundation for the Arts)

  • Sydney Cato (Christi Irwin & Associates; Rotary Foundation of Duvall – Student of the Month)

  • Viona Chamasemani (Jongejan Family – Multi-Cultural)

  • Reya Coats (Cedarcrest PTSA)

  • Elyse Darrington (Riverview Education Association; Rotary Foundation of Duvall – Student of the Month)

  • Logan Dice (Riverview Education Foundation)

  • Ben Floyd (Riverview Education Foundation)

  • Elyn Franson (Duvall Foundation for the Arts)

  • Isabella Garside (Cedarcrest PTSA)

  • Charlotte Giffin (Snoqualmie Valley Dollars for Scholars)

  • Eva Gill (Amy Burhen Nurse’s Memorial; Cedarcrest Band Boosters)

  • Kaylee Hulse (Duvall Chamber of Commerce)

  • Clara Hunt (Duvall Civic Club – Vocational)

  • Isabel Jones (Snoqualmie Valley Dollars for Scholars)

  • Daniel Kreymer (Rotary Foundation of Duvall)

  • Rachel Krivanek (Tolt PTSA)

  • Maggie Leniszewski (Snoqualmie Valley Dollars for Scholars)

  • Jared Linerud (Carnation PTSA)

  • Justin Link (Snoqualmie Valley Dollars for Scholars)

  • Zoe Maris (Rotary Foundation of Duvall – Student of the Month)

  • Caedyn Martin (Riverview Education Association)

  • Kiley Mercer (Duvall Chamber of Commerce)

  • Melia Mills (Eagle Rock Multi-Age PTSA)

  • Kaitee Nelson (Cherry Valley PTSA)

  • Timothy Ojeda-Silva (Riverview Education Foundation)

  • Solai Overman (Duvall Civic Club)

  • Bennet Pfeifle (Rotary Foundation of Duvall – Student of the Month)

  • Elisa Piira (Ann Hart Foundation)

  • Kaitlyn Ronsee (Stillwater PTSA – Bob Scharer Award)

  • Matthew Sasten (Snoqualmie Valley Dollars for Scholars)

  • Kaitlyn Sewell (Cedarcrest PTSA)

  • Jakob Sikes (Kyle Warren Heyting Memorial)

  • Elizabeth Sivesind (Riverview PTSA Council)

  • Odin Sjavik (David L. Ryles Memorial)

  • Sören Spencer (Jongejan Family – Mathematics)

  • Jenna Stringham (Rotary Foundation of Duvall – Student of the Month)

  • Sierra Swart (Eagle Rock Multi-Age PTSA; Rotary Foundation of Duvall – Student of the Month)

  • Oscar Thompson (Cedarcrest Band Boosters)

  • Julia Taylor (Stillwater PTSA – Bob Scharer Award)

  • Sofia Verdi (Snoqualmie Valley Dollars for Scholars)

  • Tejasvini Vijay (Cedarcrest PTSA; Riverview School District School Board)

  • Alex Wells (Cedarcrest Band Boosters)

  • James Wilkes (Rotary Foundation of Duvall – Student of the Month)

  • Avery Zlateff (Cherry Valley PTSA)


Valedictorians: Braden Altmyer, Gabriel Arroyo, Maya Bhavsar, Leah Cammarano, Elyn Franson, Kayla Hampton, Isabel Jones, Jared Linerud, Kaitee Nelson, Timothy Ojeda-Silva, Solai Overman, Annika Schenk, Tejasvini Vijay

Salutatorians: Sydney Cato, Reya Coats, Ellie Croshaw, Logan Dice, Madison Knowles, Kiley Mercer, Avery Zlateff

Principal’s Leadership Award: Autumn Bryant

“Pride of the Pack” Distinguished Senior Awards: Alyssa Adams, Liam Bissell, Autumn Bryant, Francisco Contreras, Ben Floyd, London Haley, Zoe Maris, Melia Mills, Timothy Ojeda-Silva, Tejasvini Vijay

National Merit Commended Scholar: Isabel Jones

National Honors Society Platinum Philanthropist Recipients: Vanessa Alvarez Cisneros, Sydney Cato, Eva Gill, Julia Heiner, Rachel Krivanek, Kaitlyn Sewell, Tejasvini Vijay

National Honors Society Honors Cord Recipients: Alyssa Adams, Braden Altmyer, Vanessa Alvarez Cisneros, Maya Bhavsar, Maya Briseno, Autumn Bryant, Isabella Burpee, Leah Cammarano, Benjamin Carter, Sydney Cato, Viona Chamasemani, Reya Coats, Logan Dice, Ben Floyd, Elyn Franson, Kila Fridenvalds, Isabella Garside, Grace Gentile, Aidan Gibson, Eva Gill, Kayla Hampton, Julia Heiner, Kaylee Hulse, Kendall Kilmer, Rachel Krivanek, Maggie Leniszewski, Zoe Maris, Sofia Marshall, Kiley Mercer, Melia Mills, Sara Murphy, Timothy Ojeda-Silva, Solai Overman, Avery Pettit, Elisa Piira, Annika Schenk, Kaitlyn Sewell, Jakob Sikes, Elizabeth Sivesind, Sierra Swart, Emma Tompkins, Tejasvini Vijay, Avery Zlateff

Cedarcrest Honors Graduates: Alyssa Adams, Braden Altmyer, Vanessa Alvarez Cisneros, Nevaeh Ash, Maya Bhavsar, Shruti Bona, Thea Boussom, Autumn Bryant, Leah Cammarano, Melanie Cammarano, Rylee Candland, Brody Caniglia, Joshua Cardwell, Benjamin Carter, Sydney Cato, Reya Coats, Elyse Darrington, Logan Dice, Claire Fleming, Ben Floyd, Elyn Franson, Karik Freiheit, Kai Fridenvalds, Kila Fridenvalds, Allison Frodsham, Ryan Fuglvog, Isabella Garside, Grace Gentile, Aidan Gibson, Charlotte Giffin, Brodie Hamlin, Kaylee Hulse, Isabel Jones, Kenneth Kosters, Daniel Kreymer, Rachel Krivanek, Elliot Lawrence, Maggie Leniszewski, Jared Linerud, Zoe Maris, Caedyn Martin, Kiley Mercer, Timothy Ojeda-Silva, Jane Ott, Solai Overman, Charlotte Pair, Avery Pettit, Samarth Rao, Kaitlyn Ronsse, Jakob Sikes, Elizabeth Sivesind, Odin Sjavik, Drew Swanson, Sierra Swart, Jessica Sweeney, Maxwell Taibl, Skyler Tan, Oscar Thompson, Emma Tompkins, Tejasvini Vijay, Megan Walker, Caleb Weisgerber, Alex Wells, Avery Zlateff

Washington Honors Awards – Top 10% Graduates: Alyssa Adams, Braden Altmyer, Gabriel Arroyo, Blake Baumann, Maya Bhavsar, Shruti Bona, Emma Bost, Autumn Bryant, Leah Cammarano, Rylee Candland, Brody Caniglia, Joshua Cardwell, Benjamin Carter, Sydney Cato, Reya Coats, Ellie Croshaw, Logan Dice, Benjamin Floyd, Elyn Franson, Isabella Garside, Grace Gentile, Charlotte Giffin, Brodie Hamlin, Kayla Hampton, Kaylee Hulse, Isabel Jones, Hilary Kane, Madison Knowles, Kenneth Kosters, Daniel Kreymer, Rachel Krivanek, Jared Linerud, Zoe Maris, Kiley Mercer, Isabella Montana, Timothy Ojeda-Silva, Jane Ott, Solai Overman, Matthew Sasten, Annika Schenk, Tejasvini Vijay, Avery Zlateff

United States Marine Corps Awards:

  • For Scholastic Excellence: Braden Altmyer

  • Distinguished Athlete Awards: London Haley, Kaitlyn Sewell

  • Semper Fidelis Awatrd for Musical Excellence: Eva Gill

Cedarcrest Athletes of the Year: Charlotte Giffin, London Haley

Cedarcrest Athletics Hall of Fame Inductees: Francisco Contreras (Boys Wrestling), Charlotte Giffin (Girls Golf), London Haley (Cross-Country and Track and Field), Madison Knowles (Fastpitch Softball)

Cliff Gillies Student Athletics Award for Citizenship: Braden Altmyer, Rachel Krivanek


  • Leah Cammarano (Mathematics)

  • Rylee Candland (World Languages)

  • Sydney Cato (Doug Hall Outstanding Business and Marketing Student)

  • Reya Coats (Science)

  • Francisco Contreras (Health & Physical Education)

  • Elyse Darrington (Fine Arts Inter-Departmental Artist)

  • Allison Frodsham (Language Arts)

  • Grace Gentile (Dramatics/Theatre Leadership Student)

  • Rachel Krivanek (Engineering Design and Computer Science)

  • Tejasvini Vijay (Media Arts | Social Studies)


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