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Sabrina Parnell Receives Riverview's Bridge Builder Award

Sabrina Parnell becomes the 221st recipient of this prestigious honor in Riverview School District

Sabrina Parnell (L) stands with School Board President Lori Oviatt (R) after receiving her Bridge Builder Award

Sabrina Parnell, a long-time Riverview School District volunteer and current Vice-President of the School Board of Directors, was named the latest recipient of the Riverview School District’s Bridge-Builder Award. Bridge-Builder Awards are given to those who help further the mission and goals in Riverview. Mrs. Parnell was presented her Bridge-Builder Award at the May 25, 2021 Board Meeting by her fellow Riverview School Board of Directors, Student School Board Representatives Sierra Owens and Crosby Ostercamp, and Riverview School District Superintendent, Dr. Anthony Smith.

The award consists of a lapel pin and poem given in memory of Donna Polacek, the district's long-time Personnel Director, who always went the extra mile to give much more than was expected to the staff and students of Riverview.

Each recipient's pin is numbered and recorded commemoratively in a record book located in the Superintendent's Office. Beginning in 1997, 221 individuals have been named Bridge-Builders by the Riverview School District.

The nomination reads as follows:

"Beyond being a board director and the countless hours that involves, Sabrina is an exemplary example of a dedicated public school advocate. Long before she served six years on the board, she was an active member of the local PTSAs in the Riverview School District. She dedicated time and energy toward the vision and the mission of the Riverview School District. Three of her children were raised and educated in the district and participated in many activities and events of which Sabrina was more than a mom in the stands. You found her volunteering at all levels of opportunities. She was one of the first to sign up for the newly minted Ambassador program which supported her decision to be appointed as a board director. She had a head start and we all know that it takes some time to learn all about governing the public education system. Sabrina has done that with grace and always asking the right questions along the way. She also brought a level of organization to the board especially on our board trips to conferences as she was the one thinking about the agenda and how to get where we needed to be by when. A much-needed gift to this board of directors. Thank you, Sabrina for your dedication to the Riverview School District and the Board of Directors."

The Riverview School District congratulates and thanks Sabrina Parnell for her continued hard work, service, and dedication to our Riverview School District and community.

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