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Riverview Welcomes New Staff for the 2021-2022 School Year!

The Riverview School District is excited to welcome this year's new staff members for the 2021-2022 school year. In total, nearly 30 new employees have joined our ranks!

Over the course of three days, they experienced a series of orientation sessions and professional learning. In addition to learning about "The Riverview Way," our new staff members participated in games and activities, met our Superintendent, Dr. Anthony Smith, School Board Director Sabrina Parnell, sat in directly with representatives from all district office departments, and participated in a bus tour of our entire district, arranged by our Teaching and Learning, Human Resources, Student Services, and Transportation teams.

Please join us in welcoming the following new staff members to the Riverview School District!

  • Crystal Aimes, Paraprofessional, Carnation Elementary

  • Erika Ashenbrenner, Secretary III, Stillwater Elementary

  • Mary Ballingham, Paraprofessional, Cedarcrest High School

  • Mark Bernatz, Math Teacher, Cedarcrest High School

  • Alecia Brooks, Spanish Teacher, Tolt Middle School

  • Gage Dixon, Paraprofessional, Stillwater Elementary

  • Elisha Galvez, Educational Assistant, Stillwater Elementary

  • Megan Graff, Library/Media Specialist, Stillwater Elementary

  • Catherine Griboski, Cook/Cashier, Carnation Elementary

  • Mitsh Hagens, Custodian I, Cedarcrest High School

  • Jessica Kober, First Grade Teacher, Cherry Valley Elementary

  • Julie Lagace, Art Teacher, Tolt Middle School

  • Lauren Martin, Program Assistant, Riverview ESC

  • Melody Masutani, Speech Language Pathologist, Cherry Valley Elementary/Carnation Elementary

  • Corey McKenzie, Secretary I, Tolt Middle School

  • Jayme Mosey, Special Ed Teacher, Carnation Elementary

  • Emily Moulton, Reading Teacher, Stillwater Elementary

  • Cami Olivet, Fifth Grade Teacher, Stillwater Elementary

  • Amy Pitt, Server, Eagle Rock Multi-Age Program

  • Emma Relei, Math Teacher, Tolt Middle School

  • Dusty Rose, Cashier, Stillwater Elementary

  • Irene Roze, Paraprofessional, Cedarcrest High School

  • Andrea Rynders, Kindergarten Teacher, Cherry Valley Elementary

  • Wendy Scott, Career/College Readiness Specialist, Cedarcrest High School

  • Kimberly Sheely, Counselor, Cedarcrest High School

  • Dean Snavely, Music Teacher, Cedarcrest High School

  • Margot Toups, Occupational Therapist, Riverview School District

  • Sandra Vaz Azevedo, Special Education Teacher, Carnation Elementary

  • Jessica Watson, Special Education Teacher, Carnation Elementary


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