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Riverview TSA Students Have a State Conference to Remember!

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Scroll above to see images from Cedarcrest and Tolt TSA. Photos courtesy of the Cedarcrest and Tolt TSA programs

Members of the Cedarcrest High School and Tolt Middle School TSA (Technology Student Association) clubs competed over four days at the 2023 Washington TSA State Conference in SeaTac.

Students competed in a wide variety of events and competitions, while also making great memories and sharing experiences they will not soon forget. They also won prizes and awards (and quite a lot of them!), bringing home five first place finishes at the high school, one first place finish at the middle school level, and numerous other placements.

Thanks to the Cedarcrest TSA Instagram and Tolt TSA Advisor, Erik McFarland, here is a summary of the awards received, as well as photos from the state conference!


Tejasvini Vijay - 1st place - Future Technology Teacher

Ramon Arguelles - 1st place - Photographic Technology

Nolan Jacob, Peter Schaefer - 1st Place - Digital Video Production Team 2

Kai Fridenvalds, Kavin Sundar, Sebastian Zambrano - 1st Place - Music Production Team 1

Ramon Arguelles, Noah Massengill, Ella Orman - 1st Place - Silent Film Team 1

Tejasvini Vijay - 2nd place - Extemporaneous Speech

Ramon Arguelles, Noah Massengill, Ella Orman, Nikolai Decneut - 2nd Place - Digital Video Production Team 1

Tejasvini Vijay - 3rd place - Prepared Presentation

Olin Blycker, Peter Schaefer, Kavin Sundar - 3rd Place - Childrens' Stories Team 4

Neo Ehlen, Tejasvini Vijay - 3rd Place - Debating Technological Issues Team 1

Akshya Subbaraman - Top 5 Finalist - Future Technology Teacher

Cait Hawkins, Nolan Jacob - Top 5 Finalist - Technology Problem Solving Team 2


Bent Coorevits, Greysen Wiggins - 1st Place - Mechanical Engineering

Wes Bergman, Scott Heckert - 3rd Place - Childrens' Story

Wes Bergman, Scott Heckert, Soren Jensen - 4th or 5th Place - Video Game Design

Xavier Ellsworth, Wes Bergman, Soren Jensen - 4th Place - Tech Bowl

Austin Culbertson, James Glover - Semi-Finalists - Video Game Design

Sam Bradbury - Semi-Finalist - Flight

Xavier Ellsworth, Andrei Frankovic - Semi-Finalists - Coding

Fiona Snook - Semi-Finalist - Childrens' Story

Arohi Bhide and Mehak Lalwani - Semi-Finalists - Forensics

Please join us in congratulating all our TSA students for their hard work and incredible representation of our district, community, and their programs!


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