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Riverview School District Launches Telehealth Services for Students and Families

Click the video above to hear about the arrival of telehealth services in Riverview School District.

The Riverview School District is excited to announce the arrival of telehealth services for our students and families. Riverview’s new partnership with Hazel Health, a national leader in school-based telehealth services, will provide opportunities for our Riverview students to access mental health care at school and at home.

“The implementation of a telehealth model will provide an additional layer of support, either at home or at school, for our students who need it,” says Superintendent, Dr. Susan Leach.

As Dr. Leach indicated in the March 4 edition of the Monday Minute, telehealth services, for the next two-to-three weeks will begin at home, requiring an adult to be present.

“As soon as we finalize implementation in our schools, we will open up appointments for those families who prefer that their child will be seen at school.”

The partnership with Riverview School District and Hazel Health comes as a result of a grant from Riverview Education Foundation (REF), an education non-profit partner who supports all Riverview schools by raising money and then giving proceeds to our district through direct funding of grants and district initiatives. REF agreed to fund a one-year pilot of the program, which Dr. Leach announced at the recent REF Evening for Education Dinner Auction on February 3, 2024.

Hazel Health services include:

•  Scheduled therapy appointments: Therapy can help students cope with what they’re

feeling, such as behavior changes, anxiety, bullying, withdrawal, grief, peer and family

relationships, depression, or stress.

•  Licensed therapists: Hazel Health therapists are bilingual, diverse and are experts in the needs of children and teens.


•  Care coordination:  If your child needs additional services outside of Hazel Health services, Hazel will help connect you to local resources.

To request a therapy appointment for your child, you can contact Hazel Health at 1-800-76-HAZEL (42935).


Learn more and sign up:


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