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Riverview School District Launches Diligent Community: A Modern Governance and Civic Engagement Tool

The Riverview School District is excited to announce the launch of Diligent Community, a cloud-based application used to help school boards modernize their governance and civic engagement. Diligent Community is the newest iteration of BoardDocs and is a one-stop shop for all board-related materials, including agendas, minutes, calendars, policies, and so much more! Specifically for Riverview, Diligent Community will provide a streamlined process to manage board meetings, drive efficient and transparent workflows, encourage engagement with the community, and increase accessibility to stay informed on decision-making.

As of Friday, April 19, 2024, clicking the ‘School Board’ tab on our Riverview School District Website will take folks directly to Diligent Community. Here you will find everything you need to know in relation to our Board of Directors and upcoming board meetings. Some great features include:

Request to Speak – if you would like to share a topic with the board, you can easily send a request to be considered for a future board agenda.

Subscribe – sign up to be notified about upcoming meetings and newly posted agendas.

Advanced Search – Diligent Community provides the capability to search within policies and past meeting materials to efficiently find information and important governing documents.

Want to learn more? Take a tour! Check out all Diligent Community has to offer with this quick site tour video. The next board meeting will take place on Tuesday, April 23. The agenda for this meeting is now published and accessible in Diligent Community. The live stream link for all meetings can be found on the Home page or in the ‘Live Stream’ widget.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Executive Assistant to Superintendent, Maggie Gronberg at or 425-844-4504.


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