Riverview Learning Center Hosts Twentieth Commencement Ceremony

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On June 6, 2022, the Riverview Learning Center (RLC) held its Twentieth Commencement Ceremony for the Class of 2022. Students and families joined together at the Riverview School District Assembly Hall, at the Educational Service Center in Duvall, to celebrate this year’s CLIP (Contracted Learning for Individual Pacing), CLEAR (Cyber Learning Education Alternative at Riverview), and PARADE (Parents and Riverview Actively Delivering Education) graduates.

This was the first RLC Commencement Ceremony held indoors since 2019, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. 28 students received diplomas this year, with 16 students graduating from the CLIP program, six students graduating from CLEAR, and six students graduating from PARADE.

Principal John Bomar opened the commencement ceremony with remarks thanking students, families, RLC staff, district staff, and the School Board for their support of the RLC graduates throughout the time in the district. “We have appreciated the things you have brought into our lives; we’ve learned from you as much as you have learned from us. We wish you many smooth streams and calm waters. Come on in – the water’s fine – and you’re going to be just great.”

CLIP Lead Teacher Dana Koukol advised students and families to take a moment and breath; to look around and soak in the specific moment. She then presented her speech in the form of author Robert Munsch’s legendary story, “Love You Forever,” repeating the refrain “I will love you forever/ I’ll like you for always/As long as I am living/My students you will be.”

PARADE Teacher Josh Allen took the opportunity to reflect on each PARADE graduate and offered examples of how he has learned from every one of the graduates in the Class of 2022. “I am so proud of the courage shown by all of the graduates here today,” he shared. “Courage comes first from creating and forming a community like we have had here from the RLC.”

Nicole Rosas, a CLIP graduate shared a speech entitled, “My Story,” while PARADE saw two students share class speeches. Aria Amador Watson presented a speech called “Embrace Yourself,” while Amy Walesby spoke to the class with remarks entitled, “Not the Speech I Expected to Give.”

As part of the ceremony, Mrs. Koukol, Michael Seymour (CLEAR), Jennifer Grant (CLEAR), and Terry McClintic (PARADE) shared personal experiences, stories, and reflections with each respective graduate. This annual tradition brings a powerful and meaningful emotional connection between students, staff, and families.

Abbey Antonsen, the Riverview Learning Center PTSA President, awarded two scholarships to RLC graduates. The Saajeda Mikaela Stratman Memorial Scholarship, in the amount of $500, was awarded to Amy Walesby (PARADE). The PTSA PARADE Scholarship, in the amount of $300, was awarded to Maxwell Pfost.

When it came time to present the student diplomas, Riverview School Board Directors Sabrina Parnell and Danny Edwards were joined by Mr. Bomar and Riverview Superintendent, Dr. Anthony Smith. Once all diplomas were handed out, Dr. Smith proudly presented the Class of 2022.

The CLIP graduates for 2022 include: Noah Fisher, Ethan Fleming, Elizabeth Hall, Caleb Hoolahan, Christian Huerta, Glendon Kallio, Samantha Lee, Staunzi Kinipela Pelton, Nicole Rosas, Ian Santos, Cordelia Sinz, Wyatt Smith, Taryn Tapert, Emma Templar, and Christopher Whitehead.

CLEAR graduates in the Class of 2022 are Cody Bucklin, Kai Chapman, Sophia Hickman, Riley Humes, Helen Richardson, and Juniper Yriondo.

This year’s PARADE graduates, for the Class of 2022: Aria Amador Watson, Maxwell Christman, Nathan Kepner, Grace Meyer, Maxwell Pfost, and Amy Walesby.

Please join us in congratulating and celebrating the Riverview Learning Center’s graduating Class of 2022!