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Riverview Learning Center Celebrates Graduates in 2023 Commencement Ceremony

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

On June 12, 2023, the Riverview Learning Center (RLC) honored student achievement and accomplishments for the Class of 2023 at the school’s Twenty-First Commencement Ceremony. Nearly 200 attendees came together at the Riverview School District Assembly Hall to celebrate this year’s CLIP (Contracted Learning for Individual Pacing), CLEAR (Cyber Learning Education Alternative at Riverview), and PARADE (Parents and Riverview Actively Delivering Education) graduates.

In total, 23 students received diplomas this year, with nine students graduating from the CLIP program, nine students graduating from CLEAR, and five students graduating from PARADE.

Principal Marilee Bosshart opened the commencement ceremony thanking families for standing by students and supporting them on their education journey. She shared additional thanks and gratitude to RLC teachers and staff, district staff, and the School Board for their ongoing support of the RLC programs and graduates. “To our graduates, I have been amazed at your resiliency, your curiosity, your creativity, and your kindness. Please know as you are graduating tonight and starting the next chapter of your life, the RLC staff cares for you, we appreciate who you are, and are proud of you and all you have accomplished. Congratulations!”

Next, CLIP Teacher Dana Koukol addressed the graduates and families and invited everyone to bask in their moment. “You have mastered the vital skill of taking large tasks and breaking them down into achievable steps,” she shared. “Class of 2023, take pride in how far you have come. Have faith in how far you can go. Remember the journey – the ups, the downs, the ‘meh’, and everything in between.”

PARADE and CLEAR Teacher Joshua Allen discussed the influence his grandfather had on his journey to becoming a teacher and educator, while sharing personal anecdotes on how he has learned from every one of this year’s graduates. “Individually, this year’s graduates each taught me powerful lessons,” he said. Mr. Allen also reminded graduates to take a moment each day and be silent and listen to what a friend, a family member, or a colleague might be trying to teach you. “I encourage you to go out into the world and not just ‘touch the grass,’ but to go out into the world as active listeners. Learn what others have to teach you and trust that the world has so much more to learn from each of you.”

Sophia Giliberto, a CLEAR graduate, began the student speeches with “Imposter,” where she spoke about wrestling with the notion of “imposter syndrome.” Giliberto shares that although she first felt that she didn’t belong at the RLC, she fought through a belief that she was unworthy of success. “I feel lucky for the six years I have been on this journey. Everybody here, no matter how defeated I look or felt, continued to support me. The journey is long, and once the time is right, you will get there.”

CLIP graduate Raisa Morales presented her speech, “The Power of Hope,” thanking staff for always believing and caring in her and helping her find the motivation to finish school. “It has been a rollercoaster of a journey, but I am so glad to say I have reached a milestone in my development and maturity. I am living proof that the RLC support team cares greatly about their students.”

Select images from the 2023 Riverview Learning Center Commencement Ceremony.

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Clementine Allen, a PARADE graduate, shared in her speech, “I Dream of a PARADE Community,” an impassioned plea for the power of community and the impact of lasting relationships. “Everyone here, from teachers, students, and administrators alike have worked diligently to create a community where all students feel welcome.” She added: “I ask of you – bring what we create at the Riverview Learning Center into every chapter of your life.”

PARADE graduate Shannon Savery shared remarks, in a speech entitled, “Don’t Stop Dreaming.” As she spoke about learning from younger students and the support she has received from RLC teachers and staff, she offered: “So many of us seniors have gone through a lot in our high school years, to say the least. We have worked tirelessly to meet our goals and aspirations. Although many of us have struggled, I think that makes today’s celebration much more victorious.”

As part of the ceremony, Mrs. Koukol and teachers Michael Seymour (CLEAR), Jeffry Rhodes (CLEAR), Connie Schutte (PARADE), and Terry McClintic (PARADE) shared personal experiences, stories, and reflections with each respective graduate. This annual tradition brings a powerful and meaningful emotional connection between students, staff, and families.

Karen Worline, the Riverview Learning Center PTSA President, awarded two scholarships to RLC graduates. The Saajeda Mikaela Stratman Memorial Scholarship, in the amount of $500, was awarded to Clementine Allen (PARADE). The Riverview Learning Center PTSA Scholarship, in the amount of $300, was awarded to Shannon Savery.

For the presentation of diplomas, Riverview School Board Directors Danny Edwards and Carol Van Noy were joined by Mrs. Bosshart and Riverview Superintendent, Dr. Susan Leach, as RLC Secretary and Registrar, Kris Rodger, announced each graduate’s name. Once all diplomas were handed out, Dr. Leach proudly certified and officially presented the Class of 2023.

The CLIP graduates for 2023 include: Aiden Bymaster, Zanyah Coleman, Chloe Haack, Lillian Humphrey, Brendan Leo, Ben Matthewson, Emily Mercer, Raisa Morales, and Elizabeth Watkins.

CLEAR graduates in the Class of 2023 are Angelina Boroyan, Laddie Darling, Sophia Giliberto, Bowen Grove, Niklas Gudmundson, Kim Kuznetsov, Areisy Lomeli Guzman, Mason Long, and Mason Yankacy.

This year’s PARADE graduates, for the Class of 2023: Clementine Allen, Abigail Cutchins, Liliana Elles-Marquardt, Shannon Savery, and Noah Vayman.

Please join us in congratulating and celebrating the Riverview Learning Center’s graduating Class of 2023!


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