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Reflections Gala Sends Nearly Two Dozen Students to State Competition!

Photos courtesy of Holly Jensen

Riverview PTSA Council hosted a Reflections Gala on Friday, January 12, 2024, to celebrate all of Riverview's student artists who advanced to the Council (district) level.

Over 100 wonderful entries were featured from all Riverview schools. Attending families browsed a gallery of this inspiring art and enjoyed refreshments. All participants were recognized with a ribbon and certificate on stage.

Superintendent Dr. Susan Leach handed out certificates to each student, while PTSA Council Reflections Chair, Holly Jensen, emceed the event.

In total, 22 (!!!) finalists were selected to advance to the state level competition. Congratulations!! Each of our finalists' art was either performed or displayed on stage at the gala.

This year's students advancing to State are shared below:


Brooke Gill (Cedarcrest High School)


Dallin Wheeler (Carnation Elementary)


Jane Malina (Carnation Elementary)


Primary: Colette Rogahn (Carnation Elementary)

Intermediate: Jillian Metcalf (Carnation Elementary)

Middle School: Milo Penix (Riverview Learning Center)


Primary: Talon Nelson (Stillwater Elementary)

Intermediate: Anya Kakaraparthy (Cherry Valley Elementary)

Middle School: Kaelyn Hardy (Riverview Learning Center)

High School: Aize Montes (Cedarcrest High School)



Elvie Moon Gilliam (Riverview Learning Center)

Madison McDonald (Stillwater Elementary)

Riley Randles (Stillwater Elementary)


Aspen Dumovic (Cherry Valley Elementary)

Maggie Carosino (Stillwater Elementary)

Ava Lee Ingersoll (Carnation Elementary)

Middle School:

Leonidas Richenburg (Tolt Middle School)

Avery Dumovic (Tolt Middle School)

Faye Cohen (Tolt Middle School)

High School:

Jamie Crismali (Cedarcrest High School)

Allyson Brna (Cedarcrest High School)

Alexis Lehner (Cedarcrest High School)

Congratulations to all our Reflections participants and best of luck to these 22 students, moving on to the next competition later this spring!


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