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Qmlativ Is Coming to Riverview School District

We are excited to share the news with you that Qmlativ (pronounced “cume-luh-tiv”), the latest evolution of Skyward SMS (Student Management Suite), is coming to Riverview in February 2024. In this communication, we will briefly share what the arrival of Qmlativ means, outline steps already underway in preparing for the launch of Qmlativ in our district and share a general timeline for implementation.

What Is Qmlativ and Why Is It So Important?

Qmlativ is the latest iteration of Skyward SMS, an information system Riverview uses for data management of student and staff information, grades, scheduling, attendance, and food service. Skyward SMS allows for the creation of reports our schools and departments rely on, while also offering important internal uses like payroll, tracking time off, billing and invoice payments, and numerous other uses. Nearly every staff member in Riverview School District utilizes this system as part of their work each day, and some staff members in our school offices and central office use the tool multiple times per day.

What Does the Transition to Qmlativ Involve?

The transition to Qmlativ began months ago and is ramping up as we prepare for a February 2024 launch. Skyward SMS is being phased out for Qmlativ, requiring the district to migrate clean, high quality, and up-to-date and accurate data. Multiple departments in the central office have conducted regular meetings and begun preparations and started training with the new system. We have developed a comprehensive timeline that requires our internal Qmlativ Migration Team to be trained on the use of Qmlativ, and, in turn, provide training to our staff members later this year.

As a Parent, How Does Transferring to Qmlativ Impact My Access to Skyward?

For now, there will be no changes.

In February 2024, Skyward SMS will go dark for approximately one week, as the database goes through the Data Migration Tool. During this time, Skyward SMS will be inaccessible to everyone, except those on the Qmlativ Migration Team. When Qmlativ is launched, the parent experience should be seamless, with information available to parents just as before, existing within a new interface and platform.

What Are Next Steps?

As the district continues to work on cleaning up data and planning for a smooth migration, we will provide periodic updates in the coming weeks. Today’s announcement is an indicator of what’s to come. We will share more details as we continue towards a successful migration and launch of Qmlativ in Riverview School District.

Who Do I Contact with Questions?

For any questions regarding the Qmlativ migration process, please email


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