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New Wildlife Habitat Garden Certified at Carnation Elementary by National Wildlife Federation!

Congratulations to Carnation Elementary students and staff who are celebrating in the news of having a Certified Wildlife Habitat® recognized at the school's campus.

On social media, Carnation third-grade teacher Dani Geitzke shared thanks to the third-grade team and extended the celebration beyond her classroom and students.

"(A) Huge shout out to all the Carnation Elementary staff and teachers who were involved. Thank you (to) Brianna Grant (Carnation 2/3 PAT teacher) and Carnation Elementary PTSA for providing a grant to pay for the cert. signs. (And) Shout out to our community for donations of compost, plants, and all the help and time needed! (An) Extra shout out goes to Erica Parkin (Carnation 3rd grade teacher) for all she did and does."

The press release is provided below, from the National Wildlife Federation!

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF), America’s largest wildlife conservation and education organization, is pleased that Carnation Elementary School in the Riverview School District has successfully created a Certified Wildlife Habitat® through its Garden for Wildlife™ movement.

NWF celebrates this effort to create a garden that supports birds, butterflies, bees, frogs and other local wildlife. Every Certified Wildlife Habitat garden provides natural sources of food, water, cover and places to raise young and is maintained in a sustainable way that incorporates native plants, conserves water and doesn’t rely on pesticides.

Started in 1973, the Garden for Wildlife movement is the oldest and largest native plant/habitat program, recognizing over 289,000 Certified Wildlife Habitat® gardens across the United States to date, encompassing an estimated 4 million acres that support wildlife locally. Backyards, urban gardens, school grounds, businesses, places of worship, campuses, parks, farms, zoos, and community landscapes can all be recognized as wildlife habitats through the program.

“We are excited about this new Certified Wildlife Habitat®, as it provides native plants and essential habitat elements. Research shows certified properties have the potential to support twice as much wildlife compared to non-certified properties,” said Mary Phillips, Head of Garden for Wildlife™/Certified Wildlife Habitat®.

“Anyone, anywhere can restore wildlife habitat right in their own yards and communities,” said NWF Naturalist David Mizejewski. “Whether you garden in a suburban yard, an urban area or a rural plot of land, you can make a difference for local wildlife. Creating a Certified Wildlife Habitat garden is fun, easy and makes a real difference for neighborhood wildlife. It’s the perfect grassroots way to think globally and act locally and help birds, butterflies, bees and other wildlife,” he added.

For more information on NWF’s Garden for Wildlife™ movement and how to qualify to have a garden space recognized as a Certified Wildlife Habitat, visit To jump start creating your own Certified Wildlife Habitat® order native plant collections for your zip code designed to provide three season bloom at


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