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January 2024 is School Board Recognition Month

January is School Board Recognition Month!

We are so grateful for our School Board and congratulate them on recently being named a School Board of Distinction for the 10th consecutive year!

Thanks to our School Board Directors and Student Representatives for all they do to support our students, families, and the community!

Join us in taking a moment and thanking...

• Lori Oviatt, Board Chair

• Danny Edwards, Vice-Chair

• Jodi Fletcher, Director

• Sabrina Parnell, Director

• Carol Van Noy, Director

• Zachary Llenza, Senior Student Representative

• Adam Sánchez, Junior Student Representative

In December 2023, Governor Jay Inslee issued an official Proclamation, again recognizing School Board Directors across the state this year for being outstanding public servants and champions for public education.


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