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Governor Proclaims May 11 as School Nurse Day!

On April 25, 2022, Governor Jay Inslee issued a Proclamation declaring May 11, 2022 as School Nurse Day in the State of Washington.

Through the struggles of a global pandemic, our Riverview Nursing Team has been invaluable in providing care and compassion in ensuring all of our students remain safe and healthy. In addition, our nurses handle more challenges than ever before and are essential partners in providing students the opportunities to be the most successful students they can be.

"Each of our nurses see to it that our students are safe and healthy, both physically and emotionally, on a daily basis," said Superintendent, Dr. Anthony Smith. "I am so appreciative of the positive difference they make for our students, staff, and families throughout the school district!"

We thank our Riverview Nursing Team:

  • Candice Karp

  • Cortney Nachreiner

  • Ariana Squires-Loganathan

  • Rachel Tomczek

  • Kristin Uselman

  • Michelle Wells

And celebrate them today on School Nurse Day!


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