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First Annual Valley Serve Day Brings Community Together

On August 27, 2023, Riverview School District, in partnership with Riverview PTSA Council, held the first annual Valley Serve Day, bringing community members together to support our maintenance and grounds team and make the beginning of the school year extra special for our students and staff members.

More than 120 parents, students, staff, and community members worked side-by-side on a wide variety of projects. Whether spreading fresh bark or gravel, pressure washing, or working inside our schools, everyone found ways to complete a wide array of tasks while also helping teachers get ready for a new school year. At the end of the afternoon, a picnic lunch was shared by those who volunteered their time, served from the freshly re-painted Cedarcrest High School concession stand and sponsored by the Riverview PTSA Council.

The website and Valley Serve concept was established in the spring of 2023 by Riverview Superintendent, Dr. Susan Leach, and current Riverview PTSA Council President, Sara Balsley. Together, they wanted to find opportunities to connect local community members and organizations, while fostering relationships, providing support, and improving our community. Participants were able to sign up and select a school of their choosing through the new Valley Serve website. The website will also serve as a homepage for future Valley Serve events to come throughout the year.

For the August 27 event, a list of projects completed include:

Cedarcrest High School

  • Weeding outside and inside Cedarcrest stadium

  • General maintenance of other garden and flower beds

  • Spreading of fresh bark

  • Pressure washing of concessions stands

  • Painting of trim and touching up stadium concession stand

  • Repainting of paws in and around the campus

  • Cleaning, refreshing, and preparing staff lounge for first day of school

Tolt Middle School

  • Spreading fresh bark and gravel

  • Weeding and cleaning up of flower beds outside Science wing

  • Freshening up of Life Skills garden area

  • Replacing flowers and plants at entrance of school

  • Repainting external doors

Carnation Elementary

  • Installation of new Gaga Ball Pit

  • Sorting/organizing/shelving new library books in LRC

  • Repainting of tiger paws in and around the campus

  • Spreading of fresh bark, gravel, and sand around school and the Riverview Ancillary Programs campus

  • Pressure washing of playground equipment

Cherry Valley Elementary

  • Weeding of flower beds and general weeding around the campus

  • Weeding in and around cement

  • Planting of new flowers in flower beds and along access ramp to playground

  • Cleaning up of cobwebs from outside awnings

  • Pressure washing outside of the campus

  • Painting of ramp on west side of building

  • Cleaning and freshening up Cherry Valley Elementary sign

Stillwater Elementary

  • Pressure washing the greenhouse

  • Pressure washing and cleaning the Stillwater Elementary sign

  • Weeding of flower beds and general weeding around the campus

  • Spreading of fresh bark across the campus

  • Creating display boards and bulletin boards for “Dive into Learning” theme

  • Preparing “Stillwater Families” bulletin board and display

  • Repairing and re-seaming “Big Teddy Bear”

In helping refresh our school campuses and preparing us for a great kickoff to the new school year, we thank all our volunteers for their hard work, time, and effort in making this first annual Valley Serve event such a huge success.

Thank you everyone!


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