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Dr. Randy Stocker Announces Retirement; Kristin Edlund Named New Director of Teaching and Learning

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Dr. Randy Stocker; Kristin Edlund

In February 2022, the Riverview School District School Board of Directors accepted the retirement of Dr. Randy Stocker as the Assistant Superintendent, Teaching and Learning. Earlier this month, the Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning, Kristin Edlund, was promoted to the role of Director of Teaching and Learning. The official transition from Dr. Stocker to Ms. Edlund will take effect on July 1, 2022.

Dr. Stocker’s retirement comes after more than 33 years in education, first serving as an Elementary and Middle School Teacher in the Bellevue School District from 1989-1999. After more than a decade as a principal and administrator with the Bellevue and Enumclaw School Districts, he joined Riverview in 2012 as Administrative Support/Interim Principal for the Riverview Learning Center. He was subsequently named the Principal of Carnation Elementary later that same year.

In 2017, Dr. Stocker was hired as the Director of Teaching and Learning, then promoted to Assistant Superintendent, Teaching and Learning in 2019.

“Our staff has known Dr. Stocker as a thoughtful listener that respects students, staff, and families for their expertise and role in focusing on what is best for each child,” said Dr. Anthony Smith, Riverview Superintendent. “His ability to foster positive relationships with everyone he interacts with is something to aspire toward.”

Kristin Edlund brings more than 25 years of education experience into her new role as the Director of Teaching and Learning. In 2018, she was hired as the Assistant Director for Teaching and Learning after serving four years as a Curriculum Specialist in the Issaquah School District and as a Program Coordinator and Instructional Coach in the Tahoma School District from 2006-2014. Prior to that, Ms. Edlund worked as a library media specialist in Tahoma from 1995-2006.

“In four years as the Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning, Kristin Edlund has demonstrated the ability to facilitate collaborative groups to outcomes that make a significant difference in Riverview,” shared Dr. Smith. “She continues to support our collaborative culture, with a focus on meeting student needs within our close relationships between staff, students, and community.”

Please join us in wishing Dr. Randy Stocker all the best in his pending retirement and in congratulating Kristin Edlund as Riverview's next Director of Teaching and Learning!


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