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Cascadia College and Cedarcrest High School Partner Together, Opening College Pathways for Students

Article and images provided courtesy of Mark Klune, Riverview Secondary Professional Learning Leader

Cedarcrest High School students visited Cascadia College, in Bothell, on June 3, 2022, for a special presentation organized by the college’s faculty to inspire Hispanic students to consider a pathway to higher education. More than 30 students from CHS attended a session that was designed specifically to showcase college programs that benefit students of color. This event was supported by both Cedarcrest Principal, Ray LaBate, and Director of Teaching and Learning, Dr. Randy Stocker.

The presentation for CHS students began with a game designed to help them understand the many misconceptions regarding the challenges inherent to applying for college and life as a student after high school. Many of the questions dispelled the notion that college was unaffordable, as many opportunities exist for grants and scholarships. Other questions showed that there are many resources available from the college to assist with the often-arduous tasks related to the application process and financial aid.

Students were also taken on a campus tour and shown the buildings and resources open to Cascadia students.

In addition, Hispanic Cascadia staff members came in to explain how students of color are being served by the college programs. A new Running Start summer program was announced, and two Cedarcrest students have since expressed interest in enrolling in courses there this summer.

Cascadia College has begun working with Riverview School District staff to create a pathway from Cedarcrest High School to their campus programs in Bothell. Previously, they brought nine representatives to the Cedarcrest campus to explain the application and financial aid process to families in the community. The field trip to Cascadia College was designed as a follow-up to this event, giving students a type of experience resembling “a day in the life of a college student.”

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