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23 Riverview Students Named Finalists for the PTSA State Reflections Competition

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The annual PTSA Reflections arts competition is one of the most popular annual events in the Riverview School District and the creativity and inventiveness from our student participants has never been more engaging or inspiring. Organized by Reflections Chairs, parent volunteers from each school, students created and submitted pieces around this year’s theme of "Show Your Voice!" Students submitted entries in the categories of Dance, Film, Literature, Music, Photography, and Visual Arts. Submissions were first evaluated at school-level competitions last fall, and nearly 90 pieces advanced to compete at the district competition. Entries were judged by volunteers and community members at both the school and district level competitions.

In a ceremony held at the Riverview School District's District Office on Friday, January 6, 2023, 23 student submissions were announced as finalists, eligible to compete at the State Reflections competition later this spring.

The program opened with two musical and two interpretative dance performances. Carnation Elementary fifth grade student Penelope Edwards performed her instrumental piano piece, “My Story,” while Tolt Middle School eight grade student Rowan Suchyta sang his acoustic guitar-based song, “ten trails.” Tolt sixth grade student Jordan Pullman and Ferber Hage showcased their dance piece, “Stand and Be Brave,” while Riverview Learning Center seventh grade student Evelyn Besmer performed her dance selection, “I’m Not Ashamed.”

The event was hosted by the Riverview PTSA Council and emceed by Cedarcrest High School Reflections co-chair Tara Bergman. More than 200 people attended the awards ceremony and students earned certificates of achievement from the PTSA, presented on stage by Riverview Superintendent, Dr. Susan Leach.

The National PTA Reflections program is PTA's cornerstone arts program. It was developed in 1969 by Colorado's PTA President Mary Lou Anderson to encourage students to explore their talents and express themselves. Each year, students in Grades Pre-K through 12 are recognized for bringing the specific year's theme to life.

The names of the state finalists and all award recipients are listed below. Congratulations to all the students who participated and received recognition in this year's Reflections competition.

2022-2023 Riverview School District Reflections District-Level Honorees and Finalists (bold signifies Finalist recognition)


Kindergarten: Chloe Batishchev, Savannah Bryant, Evelyn Dix First Grade: Rowan Clifford, Walker Julius, Kamden Kuhlman, Zoey Misbin, Valentina Page Second Grade: Dhamayanthi Dineshkumar, Alden Egan, Beau Ingersoll, Avyay Koonaparaju

Third Grade: Michael Batischev, Xander Colburn, Lincoln Julius, Nico Krieger, Jillian Metcalf Fourth Grade: Cora Clifford, Alex Higareda, Ava Ingersoll Fifth Grade: Penelope Edmonds, Ian Jensen, Evelyn Parkin, Agnes Wadsworth


Kindergarten: Jordan Kosters First Grade: Rya Clark, Margaret Fahey, Keira Hodo Second Grade: Logan Choi, Preston Culbertson, Aspen Dumovic, Allyson Holm Third Grade: Stella Clark, Grace Farley, Anya Kakaraparthy, Landon Kosters Fourth Grade: Rubi Martinez, Lina Robinson, Penelope Snook Fifth Grade: Hunter Choi, Avery Dumovic, Sophia Gonzales, Alex Vogrinec


First Grade: Talon Nelson Second Grade: Easton McDonald Third Grade: Patricia Sherman Fourth Grade: Mayson Hughes, Clare Jackman, Cambri McDonald, Jaxon Nelson Fifth Grade: Hadley Sary


Kindergarten: Deacon Wetherbee First Grade: Enzo Carosino, Elyse Taljeh Third Grade: Alaina Borjeson, Cassius Richenburg Fourth Grade: Maggie Carosino, Eileen Guan, Harrison Taljeh Fifth Grade: Gwen Petzing, Leonidas Richenburg, Leila Wetherbee


First Grade: Elvie Gilliam Seventh Grade: Evelyn Besmer


Sixth Grade: Faye Cohen, Ryan McBride, Jordan Pullman Seventh Grade: Daniella Hemker, Alina Linz, Vivienne Rodgers Eighth Grade: Leo Free, Ethan Galvez, Rowan Suchtya


Ninth Grade: Maile Salois

Tenth Grade: Sophie Behm, Aize Montes, Hannah Palmer

Twelfth Grade: Alyssa Adams, Benjamin Floyd, Allison Frodsham, Isabella Garside, Olivia Juarez, Aspen Tobler, Emma Tompkins


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