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2022-2023 Bus Routes Now Available

We are pleased to provide you with new bus routes for the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, courtesy of our Transportation Team.

You can find these routes through the RSD Transportation Team's new website, or via the links provided below.

In the coming weeks, our Transportation Team will be rolling out the launch of e-Link, an interactive online search tool that provides Riverview families with timely, up-to-date bus information for their students. An e-Link parent app is also available. As finishing touches are put in place, we will be sharing all the details and information on how to use this new tool.

Some important details regarding these routes:

  • Routes are updated at the start of each school year. Routes in place last year may not be the same routes in place for this school year.

  • Please note your bus numbers may have changed.

  • All elementary buses have a color associated with the bus route (i.e. blue, red, yellow, etc.). Colored bus plaques will be visible on the side of each bus, next to the door.

  • Eagle Rock students will ride their resident neighborhood bus (Carnation, Cherry Valley, or Stillwater Elementary) in the A.M. They then board an Eagle Rock transfer bus for delivery to the Eagle Rock Multi-Age Program.

  • Transfer buses are identified as follows:

Carnation (Blue)

Cherry Valley (Pink)

Stillwater (Red)

  • All Riverview Learning Center (RLC) students needing transportation will ride Tolt Middle School routes. RLC students will transfer to Bus 41, at Tolt, to then be transported to the RLC. In the afternoon, Bus 41 will pick up RLC students and return them to Tolt to take the Tolt routes home. See Tolt Routes below.

  • Encompass students also ride their resident neighborhood bus (Carnation, Cherry Valley, or Stillwater Elementary). Those students will then be taken to Encompass after the buses drop off at the neighboring elementary schools.

  • Transportation staff will be contacting parents of Pre-schoolers, Encompass, and Special Needs students with transportation information.


(Bus numbers are listed as tabs at the bottom of each school's spreadsheet.

RLC families use the Tolt link, as stated above).


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