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2021 Tolt Dam Evacuation Drill Information

Each year, the Riverview School District conducts a full-scale or partial-scale drill involving our Carnation-based schools, transportation, maintenance, and district office staff and administration.

The Tolt Dam Evacuation Drill simulates the procedures in place to evacuate students and staff safely on an evacuation route in Carnation, if the Tolt Dam sends a failure alert.

This year, the Tolt Dam Evacuation Drill is a full-scale drill and takes place on September 29, 2021.

To see the current evacuation map, please see below:

(Updated September 24, 2021)

For more information regarding the Tolt Dam Evacuation Drill and details around the drill and the Tolt Dam itself, download a brochure, or view images below:

Tolt Dam Final Brochure
Download PDF • 3.60MB

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