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Senior Awards Night 2022 Honors Cedarcrest Students and Achievements

To see images of recipients and those recognized at the event, please click here.

To view the 2022 Cedarcrest Senior Awards Night ceremony, please click the video below:

On Thursday, June 2, 2022, Cedarcrest High School held its annual Senior Awards Night ceremony at the Riverview ESC in Duvall. The ceremony was the first in-person Senior Awards Night event held since 2019, as the COVID-19 pandemic caused the event to be a pre-recorded, virtual event the last two years.

Cedarcrest’s Administrative Team hosted the event, with Principal Ray LaBate sharing opening remarks, reflecting on how resilient the Class of 2022 has been through all the challenges of the last couple of years. Assistant Principal Mike Ruhland, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director Jason Frederick, and Assistant Principal/Director of CTE Scott Petersen, joined Mr. LaBate in emceeing the event, as students accepted awards in recognition of accomplishments in academics, athletics, student leadership, and community service.

By the end of the evening, 55 financial scholarships were awarded in the program’s opening portion, with the scholarship process managed by the Snoqualmie Valley Dollars for Scholars.

In its seventh year, the Ann Hart Foundation Scholarship for Women Pursuing Careers in Natural Sciences recognized three students who seek to follow a career in science and/or science-related education. The foundation’s $10,000 scholarship was awarded to Zoe Masuga. $5,000 scholarships were each awarded to Sonja Blycker and Jasmine Bodis.

Two new scholarships were presented in honor of two former Cedarcrest students who recently passed away.

  • The Alex Enciso Navarro Compass Award Scholarship was awarded to Noah Mallory, in honor of Enciso Navarro, who passed away in the spring of 2021. Mallory received a $3,000 scholarship.

  • The Jennifer Martin Memorial Female Science Scholarship was awarded to Malia Swingle. The scholarship was presented in honor of Martin, a 2018 Cedarcrest graduate who passed away in the fall of 2021. Swingle was awarded a $1,100 scholarship.

Snoqualmie Valley Dollars for Scholars awarded scholarships to 10 seniors this year. The recipient names are provided below.

In addition to Scholarship Awards, students were also presented with Honor, Merit, and Leadership Awards, as well as individual departmental awards, recognizing students who were exemplary in those chosen areas of study.

At the local level, community sponsors graciously donated $57,492 through their scholarship programs.

A summary of the Cedarcrest Senior Awards Night follows and congratulations to all our graduates in the Class of 2022!


Alex Enciso Navarro Memorial, Amy Burhen Nurse’s Memorial, Carnation Chamber of Commerce, Carnation Elementary PTSA, Cedarcrest Band Boosters, Cedarcrest High School PTSA, Cherry Valley Elementary PTSA, Christi Irwin & Associates, David L. Ryles Memorial, Duvall Chamber of Commerce, Duvall Civic Club, Duvall Firefighters Association, Duvall Foundation for the Arts, Ann Hart Foundation, Jennifer Martin Memorial, Kyle Warren Heyting Memorial, Linnerooth/Waldner Team Re/MAX Northwest, Redemption Church, Riverview Education Association, Riverview Education Foundation, Riverview PTSA Council, Rotary Foundation of Duvall, Snoqualmie Valley Dollars for Scholars, Stillwater Elementary PTSA, Tolt Middle School PTSA


  • Natalie Allik (Cedarcrest PTSA)

  • Luke Amble (Riverview Education Association)

  • Gunnar Benson (Snoqualmie Valley Dollars for Scholars)

  • Chloe Berry (Cedarcrest PTSA)

  • Connor Berry (Snoqualmie Valley Dollars for Scholars)

  • Sonja Blycker (Ann Hart Foundation)

  • Jasmine Bodis (Ann Hart Foundation)

  • Emily Buelna (Rotary Foundation of Duvall – Vocational)

  • Ryan Carlson (Cedarcrest Band Boosters | Rotary Foundation of Duvall – Student of the Month)

  • Samuel Chase (Carnation Chamber of Commerce)

  • Zachary Conway (Snoqualmie Valley Dollars for Scholars)

  • Delia Costello (Stillwater PTSA)

  • Elise Cox (Carnation PTSA)

  • Sarah Cyr (Snoqualmie Valley Dollars for Scholars)

  • Erin Dalton (Snoqualmie Valley Dollars for Scholars)

  • Madelyn Davidson (David L. Ryles Memorial | Riverview Education Association)

  • Alyssa Ghioni (Rotary Foundation of Duvall – Vocational)

  • Megan Gray (Riverview Education Foundation)

  • Maya Hartzell (Linnerooth/Waldner Team Re/MAX Northwest)

  • Olivia Hillestad (Duvall Firefighters Association)

  • Mandy Holyfield (Snoqualmie Valley Dollars for Scholars)

  • Ayana Islas (Snoqualmie Valley Dollars for Scholars)

  • Kyle Jacobson (Riverview Education Foundation)

  • Parker Jeanes (Rotary Foundation of Duvall)

  • Linnea Jones (Cherry Valley PTSA | Cedarcrest Band Boosters)

  • Alexis Larson (Riverview PTSA Council)

  • Josh Lee (Cedarcrest Band Boosters)

  • Gaia Limosani (Duvall Civic Club)

  • Julia Luoto (Christi Irwin & Associates)

  • Alice Lutzenhiser (Duvall Foundation for the Arts)

  • Caesar Maddox (Duvall Civic Club)

  • John Madigan (Kyle Warren Heyting Memorial)

  • Noah Mallory (Alex Enciso Navarro Memorial)

  • Haley Marsh (Cherry Valley PTSA)

  • Zoe Masuga (Ann Hart Foundation)

  • Natalie McCabe (Amy Burhen Nurse’s Memorial)

  • Elizabeth Monk (Duvall Chamber of Commerce)

  • Aydian Niezgocki (Duvall Foundation for the Arts)

  • Marko Nikolik (Snoqualmie Valley Dollars for Scholars)

  • Crosby Ostercamp (Carnation PTSA | Riverview School Board)

  • Bailey Perin (Tolt PTSA)

  • Evan Reid (Duvall Civic Club – Horticulture)

  • Nicholas Risukhin (Tolt PTSA)

  • Alyssa Rothlisberger (Cedarcrest PTSA | Stillwater PTSA – Bob Scharer Award)

  • Serena Smith (Snoqualmie Valley Dollars for Scholars)

  • Malia Swingle (Jennifer Martin Memorial)

  • Sayna Takezawa (Duvall Chamber of Commerce)

  • Maisie Walker (Snoqualmie Valley Dollars for Scholars)

  • Gemma Zuvich (Redemption Church STEM)

  • Willow Zuvich (Cedarcrest PTSA)


Valedictorians: Sonja Blycker, Halle Carlson, Ryan Carlson, Parker Jeanes, Caesar Maddox, Aleea Piel, Anastasia Rothlisberger, Celia Stumbles, Malia Swingle, Sayna Takezawa

Salutatorians: Chloe Berry, Natalie McCabe, Elizabeth Monk, Katharine Townley

Principal’s Leadership Award: Olivia Hillestad

“Pride of the Pack” Distinguished Senior Awards: Sonja Blycker, Jasmine Bodis, Delia Costello, Olivia Hillestad, Sayna Takezawa, Ian Harper, Griffin Le Blanc, Aydian Niezgocki, Charlie Vliem, Nicholas Risukhin

National Merit Commended Scholars: Gemma Zuvich, Willow Zuvich

National Honors Society Honors Cord Recipients: Natalie Allik, Kelli Bergquist, Sonja Blycker, Ryan Carlson, Samuel Chase, Olivia Cimino, Zachary Conway, Haili Cook, Delia Costello, Elise Cox, Madelyn Davidson, Adrian Garcia, Ashlyn Griepp, Daisy Hajek, Ian Harper, Maya Hartzell, Olivia Hillestad, Mandy Holyfield, Ranya Ibrahim, Ayana Islas, Parker Jeanes, Amanda Klingsheim, Alexis Larson, Josh Lee, Amanda Lewis, Gaia Limosani, Julia Luoto, Alice Lutzenhiser, Caesar Maddox, John Madigan, Haley Marsh, Meredith McBride, Natalie McCabe, Elizabeth Monk, Mariela Morales Vazquez, Tyler Nguyen, Crosby Ostercamp, Allyson Smith, Hailey Smith, Grace Stefani, Celia Stumbles, Malia Swingle, Sayna Takezawa, Jesse Teakell, Taylin Tierney, Katharine Townley, Bryanna Vazquez Espinoza, Gemma Zuvich, Willow Zuvich

Cedarcrest Honors Graduates: Natalie Allik, Gunnar Benson, Chloe Berry, Sonja Blycker, Jasmine Bodis, Rachel Bradley, Samuel Cardwell, Halle Carlson, Ryan Carlson, Samuel Chase, Olivia Cimino, Zachary Conway, Delia Costello, Erin Dalton, Ashlyn Griepp, Daisy Hajek, Ian Harper, Maya Hartzell, Olivia Hillestad, Ranya Ibrahim, Parker Jeanes, Linnea Jones, Griffin Le Blanc, Josh Lee, Gaia Limosani, Alice Lutzenhiser, Caesar Maddox, Zoe Masuga, Elizabeth Monk, Tyler Nguyen, Aydian Niezgocki, Crosby Ostercamp, Bailey Perin, Aleea Piel, Nicholas Risukhin, Alyssa Rothlisberger, Anastasia Rothlisberger, Allyson Smith, Celia Stumbles, Sayna Takezawa, Katharine Townley, Alexander Yim, Gemma Zuvich, Willow Zuvich

Washington Honors Awards – Top 10% Graduates: Chloe Berry, Sonja Blycker, Jasmine Bodis, Samuel Cardwell, Halle Carlson, Ryan Carlson, Samuel Chase, Delia Costello, Erin Dalton, Madelyn Davidson, Ian Harper, Maya Hartzell, Mandy Holyfield, Parker Jeanes, Linnea Jones, Caesar Maddox, Zoe Masuga, Natalie McCabe, Elizabeth Monk, Tyler Nguyen, Aleea Piel, Alyssa Rothlisberger, Anastasia Rothlisberger, Isabella Strizzi, Celia Stumbles, Malia Swingle, Sayna Takezawa, Katharine Townley, Alexander Yim, Willow Zuvich

United States Marine Corps Awards:

  • For Scholastic Excellence: Sonja Blycker

  • Distinguished Athlete Awards: Luke Amble, Madelyn Davidson

  • Semper Fidelis Awatrd for Musical Excellence: Linnea Jones

Cedarcrest Athletes of the Year: Luke Amble, Sonja Blycker, Madelyn Davidson

Cedarcrest Athletics Hall of Fame Inductees: Luke Amble (Football), Sonja Blycker (Cross-Country, Track & Field), Madelyn Davidson (Girls Basketball), Sheldon Egger (Baseball), Olivia Hillestad (Girls Wrestling), Cole Linder (Baseball), Evan Reid (Boys Wrestling), Chase Rhoades (Track & Field), Katharine Townley (Fastpitch), Abby Varaday (Girls Wrestling), Charlie Vliem (Track & Field), Maisie Walker (Girls Golf), Avril Wilson (Track & Field)

Cliff Gillies Student Athletics Award for Citizenship: Olivia Hillestad, Joey Newell


  • George Austin (Media Arts)

  • Sonja Blycker (Health/Physical Education | Mathematics)

  • Jasmine Bodis (Science)

  • Emily Buelna (Art)

  • Erin Dalton (Fine Arts Inter-Departmental Artist)

  • Ian Harper (World Languages)

  • Griffin Le Blanc (Theater Arts)

  • Paul Lopez Paniagua (Computer Science - Engineering)

  • Alice Lutzenhiser (Band | Language Arts)

  • Elizabeth Monk (Doug Hall Outstanding Business Marketing Student)

  • Crosby Ostercamp (Social Studies)

  • Bailey Perin (Washington Career and Technical Sports Medicine Association)

  • Serena Smith (Choral Music)

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