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Missy Harvold Named Riverview's Next Director of Human Resources

The Riverview School District is proud to announce Missy Harvold as Riverview’s next Director of Human Resources. Harvold started in her new role on July 1, 2022.

Missy has worked in Riverview since 2014, when she was initially hired as a Library Media Specialist at Stillwater Elementary. She transitioned to Cedarcrest High School in the same role in 2021. Missy earned a master’s degree in Instructional Technology in 2014 and graduated from Central Washington University with a teaching degree in 2004. Previously, she taught and coached at Mill Creek Middle School in the Kent School District, while also serving as a teacher and substitute in the Kittitas and East Valley School Districts.

In addition, Missy recently completed a two-year stint as President of the Riverview Education Association (REA), the largest labor partner in Riverview, representing certificated staff members throughout the district. In addition to her leadership experiences, Missy also brings a multi-faceted background of work experience in both the public and private sector to this new opportunity.

“I am excited to step into this role and continue to work with and support the Riverview community in a new way,” shared Harvold. “While I will miss the library and working with students each day, I am looking forward to helping attract qualified and diverse people to come work in our district. My hope is that people will fall in love with the Carnation and Duvall communities, just like I did when I moved into the community in 2007.”

Riverview School District Superintendent, Dr. Susan Leach, is excited to work with Harvold in this new capacity.

“Since starting in Riverview a few weeks ago, I have been welcomed by a wonderful community both inside and outside of the district. Having Missy Harvold as our next Director of Human Resources will ensure that our current and prospective future staff members will feel much of the same support I have received thus far. I have found Missy to be a strong, caring professional who has mastered the ability to balance the needs of our wonderful Riverview staff and that of the district.”

Please join us in welcoming Missy Harvold as Riverview’s next Director of Human Resources.


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