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A Special Message to the Riverview Community from Superintendent, Dr. Anthony L. Smith

Following this evening's Riverview School District School Board of Directors Meeting, our Superintendent, Dr. Anthony L. Smith, has prepared a message to share with our Riverview Community.


January 11, 2022

Dear Riverview Students, Staff, Families, and Community,

The purpose of this communication is to inform you that I will be retiring at the end of the current school year. It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve the students, staff, families, and community in Riverview for 28 of my 39 years in public education, beginning my career as a teacher, and then serving in Riverview as a counselor, principal, director, assistant superintendent, and most recently, as superintendent.

During the past twenty years, we have all worked together collaboratively, to prepare our students for their futures. That time span has been characterized by

many accomplishments, some of which follow:

  • A highly involved, responsive, and caring school board that has received state recognition from independent evaluators as a “Washington Board of Distinction” the past eight years in a row. The school board has consistently prioritized student voice and community participation in decisions. We were among the first school districts in the state of Washington to add student representatives to the school board, 17 years ago.

  • Extended graduation rates approaching 100%.

  • Commitment to low class sizes to best meet each student’s needs.

  • Consistent passage of levies to support our students. Thank you!

  • Increase of opportunities in the “4 A’s,” Academics, Activities, Athletics, and the Arts.

  • Highly qualified staff that are provided continual professional learning opportunities.

  • High university, college, technical school, and apprenticeship placement rates. We are making incredible progress toward meeting our goal of having every student graduate with progress toward recognized certification, whether it be college credit, industry certification, technical certification, or other certification.

  • Investment in district technologies, ranging from an enhanced fiber optic network infrastructure to placing personal devices in the hands of every student and staff member, further supporting ongoing student learning.

  • State and national level recognition for excellence of student outcomes, including one of the few districts nationally to achieve the prodigious Advanced Placement (AP) College Board Award for five consecutive years. The AP District Honor Roll recognizes school districts committed to increasing access to AP for underrepresented students while simultaneously maintaining or increasing the percentage of students earning AP Exam scores of 3 or higher.

  • Committing to an equity and access plan, beginning in 2016, with a specific policy adopted in August of 2021.

  • Exponential increase in community, regional, state, and national partnerships to provide additional opportunities that support our students, staff, families, and the community.

  • Substantial increase in scholarship opportunities for our students.

  • Establishment of an ongoing Emergency Management Committee that meets regularly and includes government officials, first responders, district staff, and community health and safety organizations.

  • Accountable strategic plan that is measurable, where every task is reported on publicly.

  • Consistent staff retention over time to achieve our goals.

  • Significantly expanded student and family direct services in many areas. Examples include counseling, nursing, multilanguage learner and special education services, music, physical education, library, and other specialist areas.

  • Contracting with Larch and Unified Counseling services so students and families in need have local access. This has had far reaching results for access to human services throughout our community, with a focus on those that may not have the means to access intensive mental health supports.

  • Capital facility improvements such as adding additional classrooms to our school buildings and additional athletic facilities for increased student and community use.

  • Building of the Riverview Learning Center to house our K-12 parent partnership program (PARADE), and on campus and virtual programs, such as CLIP, CHOICE, CLEAR, and Edgenuity.

  • Purchase of a total of 68 acres of land at two locations for future school building site needs over the next 100 years, saving taxpayers millions of dollars in the process.

  • Responsible budget management that provided adequate yearly fund balances to sustain educational programs over time.

I would like to thank all those I have served with, especially current and former students and staff, that taught me so much, from the boardroom to the classroom and beyond.

Announcing this decision now will provide ample time to select a highly qualified replacement. The Riverview School Board will be sharing information regarding the search process for selecting the next superintendent in the coming weeks.

My personal mission has always been to empower people to reach their full potential – to strive for excellence, and to be part of something greater than myself. Living, working, and contributing to the Riverview Community has allowed me to achieve my mission.

Thanks for all each of you has done to support our students, staff, families, and the community!

With grace, gratitude, and hope,

Dr. Anthony L. Smith


Riverview School District

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