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The School Board is the policy-making body of our school district. The Board is responsible and accountable for planning, policy, advocacy and evaluation. Specifically, the Board's mission lies in the following:

  • Adopting policy

  • Planning and assessing short-term and long-term goals

  • Realizing the Strategic Plan

  • Acting as liaison between the community and the district

  • Selecting and evaluating the superintendent

  • Advocating for students, the district and public education

  • Approving a budget that reflects the priorities of the district and a responsible use of funds


The School Board is focused on advancing the vision and mission of the district:

To Educate Children and to become a national model of education excellence


Riverview Schoolboard Office 365 Portal (Username and Password Required)

Email the School Board

School Board - Positions Map

School Board Members - Biographies

Student Representatives to the School Board

RSD Ambassador Program

The Riverview School District Student Voice Toolkit

RSD School Board names WSSDA Board of Distinction for 8th Consecutive Year!

Board Members

  • Director District 1 
    Lori Oviatt, President
    Term expires: November 2025

  • Director District 2 
    Jodi Fletcher, Recognition & Leadership
    Term expires: November 2027

  • Director District 3
    Carol Van Noy, Legislative Rep
    Term expires: November 2027

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