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Developmental Preschool

Riverview SD Developmental Preschool Program: 


Riverview School District’s Developmental Preschool Program serves children with diverse special needs. Services are provided through a variety of models. When children with disabilities are served in the developmental preschool, they receive specialized instruction in a developmentally appropriate classroom setting. Placement in our Developmental Preschool Program is determined through an evaluation process and students must meet eligibility requirements as mandated by IDEA.

The curriculum used in Riverview’s Developmental Preschool is Creative Curriculum, which was developed around TS Gold Objectives for Development & Learning: Birth Through Kindergarten. For handwriting skills we use Handwriting Without Tears. Each classroom has a consistent and highly predictable schedule incorporating a learning environment that includes small group, whole group instruction, exploration centers, outside recess, and either lunch or a snack.  



Riverview School District’s Developmental Preschool is housed within Carnation Elementary. The preschool consists of a half-day program, Monday-Thursday and follows the RSD Calendar. The morning session runs from 9:25 to 12:15. The afternoon session runs from 12:55-3:45. Preschool is offered for qualifying students age 3-5. Placement is based on need and is determined by the IEP (Individualized Education Plan) team. Transportation, within Riverview boundaries is provided for students who meet eligibility criteria for the Developmental Preschool Program.


Peer models: 


Riverview School District may offer tuition-based peer model positions, based on available space, in the Developmental Preschool Program. Tuition is $275 per month. Transportation is contingent on availability. Students enrolled as peer models tend to develop meaningful relationships with peers who have disabilities. They learn leadership and helping skills and benefit from the same high-quality curriculum and center activities as their disabled peers.  


A peer model is defined as a child who is following a typical pattern of early development who has turned 3 by April 15th of the year prior to enrollment. Peer models are referred by their parents and selected by the Early Childhood team. The following are key factors that we consider:  


  • Peer model should have strong verbal skills in English.  

  • Peer model should have age-appropriate speech development (by age 3 we should understand 75% of what they say, by age 4 we should understand 100% of what they say). 

  • Peer model should demonstrate the ability to participate in group and play situations with age-appropriate independence and social behavior. 

  • Peer model should have age appropriate small and large motor skills.  

  • Peer model should be toilet trained or approaching independence with toileting 


The District seeks peer models for every school year, however, there are a limited number of positions and availability will vary every school year. An ongoing waitlist is offered. Placement as a peer model is a yearly consideration and does not guarantee a spot the following school year. If you feel your child would be an appropriate peer model, please complete the Peer Model Application and email Asher Moody or drop off at Carnation Elementary’s front office.

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