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Child Find

Child Find is a district program for students ages 3-21, to determine if a child has a disability and help provide appropriate services.

  • If your child is age 3-5 and you are concerned that your child may not be developing typically, please fill out our contact form or by phone at 425-844-4593. to discuss a free developmental screening for your child.

  • If your child is age 6-21, please contact the School Psychologist at your home school, or the Student Services office at 425-844-4516 for further guidance.


Anyone can refer a child to Child Find, including parents, healthcare providers, family members, friends or school staff member. Screenings are held throughout the year.

For students from Birth to age 3, please contact Encompass of North Bend at 425-888-2777 or Kindering at (425) 747-4004.

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