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Sexual Health Education

Health is an important part of the overall educational program in the Riverview School District, and sexual health education is a part of Riverview's curriculum for safety and responsible decision-making. Per Washington state law, students in grades K-3 receive instruction in social and emotional learning (SEL), which includes managing emotions, setting goals, establishing relationships, and making responsible decisions that support success in school and life. Our current SEL curriculum, Second Step, addresses these topics. 

In 5th through 12th grade, Riverview School District uses two scientifically accurate programs for sexual health and HIV prevention education:

Parents and guardians have the opportunity to preview the curriculum prior to the teaching of these lessons. The curriculum can be previewed online in its entirety at the links above. Parents and guardians are also encouraged to view a presentation prepared by Riverview 5th grade teachers, which addresses the specific lessons that will be taught in 5th grade.

Riverview School District is committed to providing this HIV prevention and sexual health education to students in grades five through twelve, unless a parent or guardian opts out of this education for their child, Parents and guardians can exclude their child from these lessons by submitting an Opt-Out form to their child's teacher or principal.

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