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New Riverview Learning Center Ravens Logos Revealed!

Click the image above to view the Riverview Learning Center Ravens Reveal Video!


Following an announcement to students and families on the morning of August 19, 2022, Riverview School District is excited to share with you the new logo designs for the Riverview Learning Center (RLC) Ravens!

After the passage of House Bill 1356, the RLC needed to redesign their existing Ravens logo. Spellbrand, a professional design company specializing in school branding, was hired to create a new Ravens design consisting of a primary logo, text mark, and additional secondary logos.

During the 2021-2022 school year, ideas, suggestions, and input was received from RLC students and staff, which Spellbrand then implemented into their design work. You will begin seeing the new RLC Ravens logos immediately, as we will be implementing them moving forward and transitioning from previous imagery to these new designs.

Click the video above to see the new Ravens logos! We would like to extend a huge thank you to RLC staff, students, and Spellbrand personnel who made this such a seamless and rewarding process.


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