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Identification Procedures for Highly Capable Services


Referral Process

The Referral Process is the first step in the process of identifying students to receive Highly Capable services.

All kindergarten and first grade students are automatically screened for services based on district assessments and do not need referral.

All first grade students will be screened by the District for possible selection to receive PAT (Program for the Academically Talented) services in the following year (second grade). Parents may choose to exclude their student from screening for PAT services by completing an Opt-Out form.

Students in Grades 2-11 may be referred by individuals  - including students, staff, parents, guardians, and community members - for Highly Capable services for the following year, including PAT (Program for the Academically Talented) services at the elementary level.

Referrals from individuals will be accepted yearly in the weeks between Thanksgiving Break (November) and Winter Break (December). 

The District's referral procedure for determining students for Highly Capable services may include screening procedures as allowed under the state statute.

Individuals making a referral must use the District provided nomination form. The following exceptions will apply:

  1. Referrals for first grade students will not be accepted as screening and testing will occur mid-year for all first-grade students. 

  2. Referrals for students new to the district who enroll after September 15 will be accepted for ten (10) school days from the enrollment date. Students new to the district enrolling after the Highly Capable testing window who meet screening criteria will be assessed no later than March 15.

Identification Process

Kindergarten and first grade students are identified through district administered assessment tools and are served through differentiated instruction within the classroom or grade level.  

In November of the first grade year, the Cognitive Abilities (CogAT) Screener is administered to all first grade students. Information gained from the screener, combined with information gained from benchmarking assessments, will determine the students who qualify for further assessments.  

Qualified students will be assessed with the complete Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT), the Renzulli Behavioral Scales, and other assessments as determined by the identification committee. All the information gained through the screening and assessment processes will be used to determine eligibility for PAT services. 

In grades 2-12, students, parents, guardians, teachers, and community members can refer students for PAT (elementary) or Highly Capable (secondary) services for the following year within the referral timeline. For referred students in grades 2-11, district benchmark assessment data and SBA data may determine whether additional assessments will be administered, including the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) and teacher rating scales (e.g. Renzulli Behavioral Scales).

Once students are identified for Highly Capable services, they remain Highly Capable-identified through Grade 12 unless they are exited from the program. Students who move into the district can be referred for Highly Capable services within 10 days of enrollment. At that point, records will be reviewed to determine need for additional assessment(s) and/or Highly Capable services. If the 10-day timeline requirement is not met, students can be referred the following year.

Highly Capable Services Selection

The Riverview School District utilizes a multidisciplinary team, as defined by WAC 392-170-170, to review assessment data, approve identification of students for services, and review appeals. The multidisciplinary team,  following guidelines as set forth by WAC 392-170, builds student profiles utilizing multiple assessment measures and learning needs, to determine identification and placement of students for services.

Appeal Process 

The Riverview School District, in compliance with WAC 392-170-176, has an appeal process for Highly Capable identification. An appeal of the identification decision may be filed when based on the one of the following criteria:

  • A condition or circumstance believed to have caused a misinterpretation of the testing results (e.g., an incorrect birthdate or grade level used in calculating an assessment score).

  • An extraordinary circumstance occurred during the testing period that may negatively affect the validity of the test results (e.g., death in the family or extreme physical ailment). This must be communicated to Kristin Edlund, Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning, in writing within two weeks of the end of the district assessment window.

  • Suspicion of an error in the administration of the assessment.

  • A misapplication or miscalculation of scores by the multidisciplinary identification committee.

Appeals submitted for reasons other than above will be denied without further consideration and outside assessment will not be considered.

The Identification Decision Appeal Form must be used to file an appeal. Forms can be requested from Kristin Edlund. The form must be completed and returned to Kristin Edlund within ten (10) work days following the notification of score results, or within two (2) weeks of testing if appealing based on an extraordinary circumstance.

All appeals go before a multidisciplinary review team and the notification of the appeal decision will be made by mail. The purpose of the appeal process is to consider individual circumstances based on the criteria in the bulleted areas above, that may have impacted an individual's assessment results. The decision of the review team is final. 

Exit Procedures  

The Riverview School District recognizes the need for both entry and exit criteria in providing a continuum of services for Highly Capable students. As such, the district has established the following exit procedures, in compliance with WAC 392-170-047.

  • Students may be exited from the PAT/Highly Capable program when parents/guardians request that the student no longer receive services. Parents/guardians complete the exit request form and send it to Kristin Edlund. The form will be placed in the student's file.

HiCap Forms:

Riverview School District Highly Capable Selection Process and Continuum of Services K-5 (.PDF)

For additional information regarding timelines, processes, general information, please contact:

Kristin Edlund, Assistant Director, Teaching & Learning

Phone: 425-844-4520

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