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Riverview Named PEI’s 2022 FieldSTEM District of the Year!

Each year, the Pacific Education Institute (PEI) recognizes individuals that support their organization’s mission to advance scientific literacy by promoting equitable, outdoor, locally relevant, integrated, career-connected, real-world science.

We are thrilled to share that Riverview School District has been named PEI’s 2022 FieldSTEM District of the Year! Riverview joins Thorp School District (2021) and Puyallup School District (2020) as recent recipients of this award. Riverview’s K-5 Science Facilitator, Tiffany Ingham, and K-5 Science Program Assistant, Lyn Isaacson, will be recognized at an upcoming awards ceremony in September for their work with PEI and FieldSTEM.

FieldSTEM is a program designed to help classroom teachers, schools and school districts implement equitable environmental and sustainability education. This engages students, educators, administrators, and community collaborators in building scientifically literate learners prepared to make balanced decisions for sustainable communities.

These projects also help prepare students for the Washington science, math, and ELA (English Language Arts) assessments. FieldSTEM further supports students in the development of critical thinking and civic-minded engagement in the social sciences – subjects not formally assessed by the State of Washington.

“This work has really been a team effort, one that would not have gained ground without district-wide support,” said Ingham. “Our work continues to make Riverview’s elementary science program full of opportunity for all our students.”

Kristin Edlund, Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning, shared that, “This is a wonderful honor for Riverview and a direct reflection of Tiffany and Lyn’s vision and work in leveraging PEI’s FieldSTEM program to make our elementary science classes more successful and relevant.”

To learn more about PEI and FieldSTEM, including a video which outlines the program in greater depth, please visit the link below:


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