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Our Mission

Educate Children

Our Vision

To become a national model of educational excellence


Our Strategic Plan Goals - from the 2022-2027 Riverview Strategic Plan 

Goal 1: Increase the academic achievement of all students.


  • 1A Further develop curriculum ans supports for student learning.

  • 1B Align initiatives of Information Technology (IT), Student Services (SS), and Teaching and Learning (T&L).


Goal 2: Provide a financial process, business practices, and safe facilities to support the improvement of student learning.


  • 2A Provide a financial process that strengthens student learning and leverages financial markets to the benefit of the district taxpayers.

  • 2B Establish and implement a prioritized list of projects consistent with capital projects levy financing with the consent of the School Board.

  • 2C Manage all aspects of the district's Safety and Emergency Operations Plans.

  • 2D Continue to conduct reviews of School Board's policies.


Goal 3: Provide Human Resources and Communication practices to improve student learning.


  • 3A Implement the new 2018-2023 Human Resources (HR) plan.

  • 3B Strengthen Communications Program infrastructure.

  • 3C Continue to increase community outreach.

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