Riverview School District


Riverview School District School Board Approves Ballot Resolutions

Pro and Con Committees Sought

On Tuesday evening, the Riverview School District Board of Directors approved three ballot resolutions for the February 13, 2018, Special Election, calling for the following:

For each ballot measure that is included in the voter’s pamphlet (all of the above), the Board shall formally appoint Pro and Con committees (a maximum of 3 members each) to prepare arguments advocating voters’ approval or rejection of the measure. Members shall be appointed from persons known to favor or oppose the measure as appropriate. If such persons are not immediately known, the district shall employ some formal means of notifying the public that members for the proponent or opponent committee are being sought.

The Riverview School District Board of Directors are now seeking Pro and Con Committee members and this will be advertised on the District’s website and other social media accounts. Formal appointments will be made at the December 12, 2017, School Board meeting. If interested, please send an email to the RSD School Board at rsdschoolboard@rsd407.org.  Emails must be received by 4:00 PM on December 12, 2017, to be considered.